The Gifted “meMento” Review


The Gifted midseason premiere was one hell of a way to kickstart this second half of the season. If you thought this war wasn’t personal before? The right characters found motivation to take the gloves off. This was that time for the major players in this conflict to stand up for better or for worse. As I said last week, where once I questioned the direction this story was taking, now there is more confidence in place of that after the events of this episode. When this war comes, there is no doubting that it will be explosive.

John’s rescue changed things in a big way for everyone involved. This goes for the Strucker family in particular. I was glad hat we could finally get somewhere for this family that can’t help getting in their own way. There was only so long they could all for the most part keep going thinking that Andy wasn’t a bit lost on the path he had taken. They needed their eyes opened, and Lauren needed somewhere to actually direct her emotions. The best place is at the very institution that helped create the monster that Andy has turned into. It made sense that she could also get that push to explore the upper limits of her powers on their own. This of course wasn’t going to come without some trouble. The promos hyped up some trouble that the Strucker family would face when the police come knocking at their door. How they got out of this was as clever as it gets for them. I think I almost felt a little more investment

Aside from the Strucker Family, the Mutant Underground was in a tough spot when there was still the question of what to do next. Getting back John was one thing, but that didn’t change the wall that they had hit ever since the rest of the MU went dark. There was one thing we had to look forward to, and that was another interaction with the Morlocks. For what reason? That was what we anticipated finding out. I was satisfied with the justification for this visit and what they needed from the Morlocks. It continues to give this faction of mutants relevance in the show, and it shows just how desperate Marcos and Blink are to get ahead of this growing conflict.

For the Inner Circle, it helped to see that one side could easily go back to business. Not without some things to address about past events, but you expected nothing too significant to change for them when there was an end goal to reach. Since last week focused on just Andy and Lorna, it was also great that we could shift back to Reeva and the Stepford Cuckoos being involved again. The surprise they brought with them was a cool development for the fact that we could only go so far without introducing some new faces. And I should say new faces with some awesome powers to match. The effects used for them were quality. Didn’t come off as too much or too little. It was about time that we could also run into a few who could really make things go boom. The only question that we could be left with was if a potential Rebecca was possible to run into. With that said, Lorna beginning to re-evaluate her trust in the Inner Circle wasn’t hard to believe, even if this wasn’t anything new. Who she turned to was quite the turning point.

I have to say, it was one hell of a twist they threw in for Reeva at the last minute. Just when you think you understand her and her mission, they flip the tables almost immediately. When it comes to this mutant, you expect the unexpected. A great state of mind to put viewers into when we don’t even know what kind of war this will escalate into when the time comes. Will it really be mutants versus humans? Or maybe mutants versus mutants? Heck, it could just as easily be both and the Purifiers on their own side because no one wants to associate with the extremists.

The Purifiers storyline isn’t going to win over any fans, but for them it is just as good to see progress in where they go from the events of last week’s episode. You don’t suffer the kind of loss that they did without a direct response. Meaning that this is their time to make bolder moves. Some inner conflict created didn’t hurt either. Someone was bound to get out of character after that chaos, and they chose the right guy to take up that role. Once again we were back to that line in the sand that Jace has tried to hold. The consistency with that stance of his is the best thing that he has going for him on this side of the conflict. Jace’s new motivation was established here, and hopefully that should ease most of us past the irritation of his priorities. He knows what he wants, but he has to pick his poison if he wants to meet those results. Benedict Ryan’s role may be pretty small for the time being, though it works that he is the devil in Jace’s ear to do the job that he needed a face for.

The Gifted “meMento” served as an excellent transition from the events of “eneMy of My eneMy”. Lines have been drawn in the sand, lines have been crossed, and there’s so much more to this story revealed that you were not ready for before. Story decisions are getting bolder, and that is what we need to see from this point forward if they want to hold on to our anticipation for more.

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