The Gifted Midseason Finale “gaMe changer” Review


What happens when the Mutant Underground, the Inner Circle, and the Purifiers cross paths? It seems we are about to find out with this week’s midseason finale of The Gifted. I’m honestly still trying to get over the fact that we still do midseason finales. Either way, it should be exciting to get to a point in some season where some big moves can be made across the board. Some have made their presence known for better or for worse, but it is about time that action was actually taken between these three factions against each other.

The Inner Circle’s story was a big one this week. They made a huge impact in their efforts, but that didn’t come without the worst price paid in this series when Rebecca decided to kill that room full of humans. There was no doubt that they all deserved what they got, but not at the cost of what that mission was supposed to represent. It made a big difference that we were able to see more of Reeva and the state of mind that she has been thrown into. I like seeing Reeva when there is less transparency seen from her. She’s very good at hiding her emotions, so it matters a lot when that guard is down for her to express how she really feels. Even better when during these times she can still find moments to compose herself to continue playing the game. With that said, the next step in their plans was the highlight of this episode. You would have thought that the bank heist was the only flashy scene we would get out of this half of the season, and you would be wrong. I also enjoyed the almost immediate action and response from their actions. Where the Mutant Underground fails to add to the world-building in this universe, they succeed almost flawlessly.

This thing with Andy and Rebecca could have gone a number of ways, and all but one result would have been pretty disappointing. Rebecca is as damaged as it comes for a mutant with her powers. It made me cringe when after everything she just did, Andy would of course let his heart take the wheel. That was troublesome to me, especially knowing that no matter what this episode was going to lead up to a prison break for Rebecca. How that turned out was definitely for the best. I would not have accepted anything less considering the means to an end this needed to be for Andy. You have to play things very smart with the way he is written. It goes without saying that Andy isn’t one of the most favored of the cast.

I have to say that I was pretty hyped up for something to happen with the Mutant Underground. Like most of their involvement this season I have felt let down. I understand that there is a need to show their struggle through the rise of popularity in the actions of the Inner Circle. However, that is not the kind of conflict that they have advertised for this season. How do you side with a faction that has made almost no waves and hanging on by a thread? I haven’t been given a single reason not to be all in with the Inner Circle. They aren’t perfect, but at least something is happening. There isn’t a bunch of chasing rather than doing something for themselves. Heck, even the Purifiers are taking matters into their own hands instead of letting their own personal troubles get in the way. What stung the most was the execution of the scene where Jace finally encounters Thunderbird again. From this picture you wonder how someone like Thunderbird gets pinned into a dumpster. He doesn’t get caught off guard easily, so he clearly decided to try to stop the car instead of tossing something heavier in the way of the truck. Does that make much sense to you? Something has to change for their storyline. Sooner than later once this season picks up again next year.

It was hard to say where I stood with the Strucker’s story. There wasn’t too much appeal to take from Reed’s situation. Improving it should have been pretty straightforward if not for the obstacles that felt pretty forced for someone who should be a lot smarter than he acts at times. The most redeemable part to this storyline was Lauren trying to convince Reed and Caitlin that they must destroy Dr. Risman’s research. They made an argument that is very important to the world of mutants. I actually did not think that the show would get around to the question/curing of removing the x-gene, but there is no better show to tackle this when the movies think too highly of themselves to move away from the end of the world scenarios. How this turned out did succeed in getting the heart racing when a lot could go wrong in messing with this scientist who has grand plans. There was a lot to lose here when this cure could actually save Reed.

Purifiers at this point I would simply call a plot deceive, and there’s nothing wrong about that either. There was no denying the way they represented human hostility. It was a concentrated focus that didn’t require too much effort to pull off. Of course I do feel as though they get away with too much, but that is probably something that might be better addressed down the road.

The Gifted midseason finale had its ups and downs, but for the most part it was thrilling where it counted. The lines are further drawn in the sand for this conflict and all it took was one move that made this a fair fight. A war is only a war to look forward to if the relevant sides are on equal ground. As for the things that might let you down? Hopefully the next half of the season turns things around sooner than later when The Gifted returns.

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