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THE GIFTED: L-R: Grace Byers, Emma Dumont and guest star Anjelica Bette Fellini in the “no Mercy” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Nov. 13 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette BrownFOX.

With each passing week, this world becomes a more dangerous place for mutants. Whether the dangers they bring about to themselves or the dangers of the human world, you know that things can only get worse before they get any better. In the case of a few mutants this week, that is what we are really looking forward to see put to the test. Control is power which some have, and some don’t.

The build-up to the Inner Circle’s big mission was excellent considering the wheels that still had to turn in order to make sure that tis could be a success. As I pointed out last week, it was good to see Reeva again. As the person calling the shots, it was odd when we were only hearing her orders rather than seeing her give the orders herself. There was always a chill when she was in person and simply not the person to challenge. Fortunately this week’s episode wasted little time addressing just what was keeping her away from the others. To see that she had her own job to accomplish made a big difference. Her job wasn’t easy either. It was just the right kind of obstacles she had to deal with that allowed us to learn just a bit more about her in the process. The mission itself was so fun because every opportunity was taken to show why this group of mutants were not the ones to be trifled with. There was proper use of their powers, the quality of effects for her powers, and let me not start with the slick black attire for them. It was awesome to see what a well-organized team looks like in action. With that said, what really blew my mind was the very thing you didn’t see coming despite everything going right. That action right there might change things, but we won’t know till next week. I like that nothing is ever truly as it seems till the very end.

Personally I felt some sort of way when I heard them using Grandson “Stick Up” for the big mission. Great song to have playing in the background, and impressed that they would use someone who isn’t so mainstream.

For the Mutant Underground, it was a big risk that they were trying to move Reed with his powers unstable. While I have some problems with this development for Reed, it was hard to argue with the fact that this forced him to face the fact that his powers are not the kind that you can ignore or take pills to contain. My only issue is that right now the Strucker story is pulling is in a different direction from everything else going on. The writing for the family isn’t bad, but you can see where it clashes.

THE GIFTED: L-R: Sean Teale and Blair Redford in the “no Mercy” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Nov. 13 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jace DownsFOX.

Other developments were worth taking notice of as well. For as much good as the Mutant Underground has done, they have lost just as much in the process. There needed to be a time where they could take a step back to evaluate the direction they are taking when the Inner Circle is consistently pushing forward without many setbacks. Even the small argument between Eclipse and Blink was inevitable knowing that they both sit on two different perspectives on what the Morlocks represent. I mean, even the Morlocks are doing better despite living in the sewers. My only hope moving forward is that less time is put into everyone walking circles around each other. What came from the questioning and arguments was exactly what we needed for the group to start asking the right things about their current mission statement. There’s no way we can even call them the Mutant Underground when there is only actually three active members.

This Purifier storyline just keeps running deeper as Jace has now properly integrated himself into this extremist world. Everything here was simply a lead-up to his introductions to Benedict Ryan. This character was clearly made a bit bigger from his comic counterpart, but all the same central to the efforts of the Purifiers. Jace’s meeting with Benedict caught me off guard. I knew that they would be asking for more from Jace with the popularity he has garnished from the anti-mutant crowd, though what they specifically asked from him is going to be the real test of placing that the Purifiers have in this world.

It seems that at this point we are beginning to make a habit out of doing flashback sequences in each episode. Normally I might have a problem with this. Shows that depend on this format (Arrow), quickly turned me off after a while. However, I will give credit to the writers that these flashbacks have added some necessary depth to characters that might not be able to get from them presently. The character they chose now was definitely someone who could have used a few layers peeled back. It was fitting for what the Inner Circle was about to undertake.

The Gifted “no Mercy” will fill you with feelings of sympathy, exhilaration, and might have you going WTF by the end. This was one hell of a bank heist the Inner Circle pulled off that took quite the dark turn in spite of what you could have counted as a success. That look on Reeva’s face says a lot when she’s not the kind of mutant you so easily rattle.

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