The Gifted Season Finale “oMens” Review


This season of The Gifted really came and went. I was expecting so much more from what this season had to give us, but here we are. I’ve had my problems with the direction taken, but last week changed some things when not everything seemed as bleak as they were making it. My main issue is that breaking your heroes is a thing, but they were breaking them a little too hard. With this week being the season finale, that meant the time is now to rise. The only question is who will walk away from what this story has set up. War doesn’t come without loss taking some form.

Considering what this has all been leading up to. This finale wasted little time jumping into moving all the pieces in the right place. There was of course a flashback to kick things off, but this time around it was nothing which added too much context to the events about to unfold. More so just something to fill that time or create some emotional weight towards what could go wrong if events of the past repeated themselves. From there it was a swift transition from what happened in the previous week’s episode. In other words the Mutant Underground finally stepping up to the plate to deal with the Inner Circle, and the Inner Circle finding a response for their derailed plans at the hands of Lorna and Andy defecting back to the MU.

For most of this episode, the Mutant Underground was still underdog of this story, but at the very least we were seeing them take control of a situation and not become victim. After the promos and teasers, it was Thunderbird who you were anticipating most to spring into action, and that did not disappoint one bit. His look was iconic, this was him at his strongest, and I’m glad that they pulled to punches either. Now wasn’t the time to hold back in a show where you expect things to be flashy or action-packed. Who even managed to come to his aid in the midst of such action made things even better. As for the rest of the Mutant Underground, where this mission took them was interesting for the fact that they were dealing with the Inner Circle directly. They all had their parts to play, and I enjoyed how each obstacle was tackled with a balance to both action and skills to offer during times where it would take more than hitting the other person first or harder. The big thing for the other half of the team was what would happen with Reed who is both a ticking time bomb and of the mind to throw himself into the lion’s den with Reeva. When you already know what she is capable of with her powers, the anticipation was intense to see what happens when that interferes with his control. Does she cancel out his powers? Make him blow up?

As the villain, it was about time that Reeva jumped headfirst into that role without the crutch of doing what she thinks is right for the sake of mutantkind. At this point you could definitely call her the Magneto of this age of mutants. She’s ready and willing to cross a line to get her results, and that easily means turning on her own to achieve success. The only question was how far Reeva was willing to go to still have her way without Lorna and Andy. Our answer to that question was quite clever considering what little resources she still had to take advantage of at a moment’s notice. Even better was her dialogue by the end of this episode because her true character shined through with a full sense of transparency. There was only one way for this to end for Reeva, but honestly I don’t think they did enough with her this season to justify a greater future.

How this finale ends was a bit abrupt if you ask me. It felt like there could have been more time put into bringing this chapter of The Gifted to a close. I don’t want to say anything was rushed, but it definitely felt as though there was so much going on here that the pay-off just wasn’t there until the very last minute. The cliffhanger alone might be the best reason for coming back for more.

The part the Purifiers played here was pretty obvious. Throughout this season they have been nothing but pawns in this war. No matter which side was pushing between the Mutant Underground or Inner Circle, they were there to spread their own brand of chaos to the mutant population as a whole. For the finale, it wasn’t hard to see that they would be used once more as the last thing that stands between the MU and stopping Reeva’s plans. Though more than that, you were probably awaiting Jace Turner’s true role to manifest. Would he continue to play the ignorant soldier till the bitter end? Or would he finally wise up to the strings being pulled around him? When they said that things aren’t as black and white as they once were, this was that time to get a legitimate answer about what goes through his head. Unfortunately, not much time was spent on that, but at least they didn’t make the Purifiers any bigger than they needed to be as throwaway pieces on the board.

This was another strong finish for The Gifted overall. This season had a lot of high points, though just as many areas where they could have done things differently. As far as rising to the occasion, they all stood tall as the heroes we needed them to be when it mattered most. The ones you expected, and those who made their decisions when the time came. If there is a season three, I do think it will be a bit more out there. A change in pace that might be for fitting for a group of mutants who need purpose.

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