The Gifted “the dreaM” Review


The break we had from The Gifted was a tough pill to swallow for viewers. I mean, how do you really give us that kind of end to a bank heist, and then expect us to sit with anticipation for what comes next for a whole week? That is what you call torture. As I said before, this was one hell of a bank heist the Inner Circle pulled off that took quite the dark turn in spite of what you could have counted as a success.

What followed for the Inner Circle was intense, and I loved the response to Rebecca’s actions. I think most of us would have been pretty offended if anyone accepted what she took the liberty to do on her own. The dream has now been set back when they have blood on their hands. The effort that went into that broadcast of theirs was now useless. And let’s not forget that Reeva is going to take some time to recover from another broken heart. The fallout as a whole was pretty crazy. I had some expectation for the way that the world would respond to the heist, but not like what actually unfolded. It wasn’t a bad development either.

This wasn’t a bad time for us time finally get some backstory for Polaris. There’s much that we knew about her situations with the law, but not much about her growing up. This was a great time to see some of those points in her life where she actually struggled with being bi-polar. It was one thing to know that this was a part of her character, but another thing to actually hear it used to describe her behavior and attitude. At the same time, I it was also appreciated that there was more emphasis put into the fact that her father was a well-known mutant who she never met. You wish they could use Magneto’s name, but then again you also wish they could be able to use the names of a lot of notable mutants. Nonetheless, a solid trip down memory lane since all of this new content added depth to the state of mind that Polaris is currently in. Polaris’ reflection on her troubled relationship with her father really did push her to take some drastic steps to protect Dawn from the world around her. No one could have been prepared for the decision she made, or who would hurt the most in the process.

For the Mutant Underground, this was a big moment for them. This was their time to show that the MU was still relevant despite their numerous losses up to this point. I think most of us will agree that it was about time that Thunderbird began to step up as a leader to take charge of this opportunity. It only sucked that for most of this episode they were on a chase rather than actually doing anything too meaningful for the cause. We knew where this search for the Inner Circle would ultimately lead them by the end of the episode, but who would have guessed they would have tried playing into suspense for the majority of the screen time that they had?

Following the Strucker family hasn’t been the most exciting development, but power exploration is a part of the mutant world that you can’t ignore. Reed, Caitlin and Lauren meeting with Dr. Risman was interesting for the fact that there was no telling how this would turn out for them. She could be helpful, or she could be the latest obstacle for this family when trust is in short supply. The tour we were taken on was an excellent way of lowering everyone’s guard. I would say that for the most part everything about this visit to Risman was textbook. The best to come of their new destination was the way that Lauren reacted to the idea of being normal. A new experience for her, even if what she discovered about Risman put a damper on this fleeting joy. Knowing that Risman not being who you thought she was, obviously meant something bad. It was an interesting development for the role they decided she should play in the mutant world. Not unfamiliar to comic fans, yet bold to try for tv.

The world is on fire. That message came pretty clear through the events of The Gifted “the dreaM”. By the end of this episode, we now have a proper creation of Polaris too. We use that name frequently, but it never quite fit her till this episode where she has come to accept the role she was born into.

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