The impact of VR on the betting industry


Virtual Reality is having an impact on all different technologies, such as gaming, retail and medicine. One of the more recent industries to embrace this technology is the betting industry. As with other industries, VR will bring about unique experiences that we have never imagined before, in particular making the thrill of betting even more exciting and unforgettable.

Bringing horse racing fans closer to the action

Betting sites and companies are introducing technology that will give fans of horse racing the best experience possible. They believe gamblers don’t enjoy the thrill of watching a race as much as they used to, so to counter, this they want to revamp the experience and enjoy the main events such as the Kentucky Derby and the Grand National. Having a GPS tracker on the horse does this, and using a VR headset will allow somebody who has placed a bet to experience the race from the eyes of the jockey. You will be able to look around the racecourse and see the other horses as you follow the action riding your chosen horse. Gamblers will also be able to hear live commentary of the race and live crowd noise. Statistics will also show up about the race, such as race position and the horse’s heart rate. It is expected that this will revolutionise horse racing and attract a new audience. Therefore, it would seem like only a matter of time when innovative betting sites, for example Unibet, incorporate this technology for all their members to enjoy.

Attracting a younger audience

Younger people get their entertainment from sources such as Netflix and games consoles. In recent years, Virtual Reality gaming has emerged, giving a whole new experience to gaming. Betting amongst younger people has been in decline over the fast few years as they enjoy this new form of technology. Recognising this trend, the industry has introduced VR to bring that gaming element to betting. Bringing VR technology into the betting industry is attracting this younger audience who previously wouldn’t choose to gamble, but are used to the VR technology and look to embrace that as a form of entertainment. This exposes them to the thrills of the industry and combining VR with betting means younger people are attracted to it.

Virtual Reality Casinos

Traditionally, people go out to the casino, have a go on the slot machines and try a few table games. Then online gaming and mobile gaming meant you could do this almost anywhere. With VR, you can now experience the thrill of being inside a casino with your VR headset. Many online casinos are opening VR versions where users can walk around virtual cities and visit multiple casinos. You can even go to a virtual bar, enjoy a virtual drink and admire the views of the futuristic cities of the VR world, or just sit on the sofa and watch other players. Gamers are also able to interact with other players and casino support staff.

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