The Magicians “A Life in the Day” Review


The big takeaway from last week’s episode of The Magicians was that everything connects. Following Penny in his current situation was fun for this tough guy who has been thrown into the most vulnerable position you could think of. Yet at the same time the most convenient to be able to follow what everyone else has been up to at the same time. That little adventure added flair to this idea that fates are tied to this quest, “The Tales of the Seven Keys”.

This new situation with Penny has turned into nothing but tragedy. When Eliot managed to see Penny at the very end of the last episode, that was enough to create some hope for the guy. It is cool to know that despite magic being gone, artifacts like these keys hold power that can be quite useful. However, in that moment it was easy to forget that this is The Magicians, and things can always be worse. This is where the fun and games end in being an astral projection, and that honestly might be the right choice with more at stake. Where Kady goes from here was the only problem I currently have with the story. She is the only character who struggles to find direction. Not to say that Penny does as well, but she is so wrapped up in her own created problems that doesn’t grab you like it should for others.

Quentin and Eliot going on their own adventure for the next key was something I didn’t think would be possible so soon. My biggest fear this season would have been that there was little possibility of Eliot reuniting with the others on Earth. Of course this is a show where you expect the unexpected, so to see that somehow he would find his way back was great. Especially when this is everyone else’s chance to see how far Eliot has come along. Well mostly Quentin since he is the one working with him for this next key. This dynamic was great for the quest at hand. These two could have gotten themselves into any kind of situation, but this right here catches you off guard. I couldn’t put my finger on anything that happened here, so much of it came out of left field, and I think the madness of it all made it that much more engaging. I almost shed a tear here because the challenges they would face was nothing like you would have predicted them to face now. Even if you knew that the worst case scenario was never going to happen, that didn’t change how gut-wrenching the struggles would be regardless. I mean this was not a quest for those who don’t have cool heads. An experience like this was one that only Quentin and Eliot could have and might change a few things moving forward.

Margo is the definition of excitement when it is taking everything in her power to fight against the rule of the Fairy Queen. She made her plan on that long boat ride home, and now was the time to see her attempt to put that plan into motion. The anticipation here would be in the challenge she would face in trying to poison the Fairy Queen. Here we go back to familiar grounds when it comes to weddings. One could say been there done that, but adding the twist that there is no choice in the matter shakes things up. The fun here was where Margo tries to find a silver lining, like she always does. That doesn’t always happen, but it is appreciated when not everything is dark for her. She may not be Queen, though she is someone meant to lead and rise above, where others are more prone to falter as seen throughout this episode. It really does help that through her obstacles, there is still a connection to the quest at hand. The Fairy Queen continues to be a shroud of mystery, which is something to love about her. For all that seems evil on the surface, you struggle to see what her long-term goals are.

Julia helping Alice navigate a personal crisis turned into something more than what you thought it would be. What could have been another subplot to fill some time, ended up leading us down a path towards revelations that came pretty fast. I would have expected answers towards what’ going on with Julia a bit later on, but what we find out here was god enough of a tease to justify the time originally thought of to be spent on helping Alice. That is if there was anything to actually help her with.

The Magicians “A Life in the Day” was an emotional roller coaster if you were Eliot, Quentin, or Margo. It was a road to discovery and exploration if you are daring like Alice and Julia. One would assume that you can’t get the blood pumping the same way without magic, and you could have been more wrong. Especially to see that magic exists in more than one way in this universe.

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