The Magicians “All That Josh” Review


THE MAGICIANS — “All That Josh” Episode 309 — Pictured: Jade Tailor as Kady Orloff-Diaz — (Photo by: Eric Milner/Syfy)

“Six Short Stories About Magic” took us to new places, created encounters with new dangers, and opened doors to much more than you would have thought possible with magic in the world last week. Desperation can lead you to some unique opportunities in the case of our questers. Opportunities that we would want to see further pressed this week when there is fallout to take into account from an almost unsuccessful adventure to the Underworld Library. Almost considering it can’t be a win if you lose a friend in the process.

This would be an episode to focus on what was lost on the trip to that Library, but as one nightmare ended they were quickly thrown into the next. The thing here was wondering what exactly Quentin, Kady and Alice have been thrown into. It was about time that something happened which actually felt like a quest. The last time that a key reacted like this was when Quentin and Eliot had to solve the puzzle. It was better that this was a part of the quest that involved more than just one or two characters. If you want the quest to feel important, then it can’t be the same people giving a crap about it and no one else.

I was pleasantly surprised by Josh. He has been the one character who somehow disappeared without a trace when looking for one of the keys. He made quite the entrance back into the story, and I do think the Beast got a run for his money in the music department. I would even say the same about the act that followed. When I saw the picture of Kady, my instant thought was what must have happened for her to be thrown so far out of character. Then someone might as well shoot me in the head when that was not it. If you thought you couldn’t love The Magicians more this season, they just keep swinging. I don’t think an episode like this could exist and they pulled it off big time. I’m sure that some will say that all this singing is a bit odd for this show, but odd and fantastical should always be the expectation. Especially with the twist that they put into what was entertainment at its finest.

THE MAGICIANS — “All That Josh” Episode 309 — Pictured: (l-r) Summer Bishil as Margo Hanson, Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh — (Photo by: Eric Milner/Syfy)

Getting back to Josh himself, it was crushing to get that answer to where he has been. One that was understood it wasn’t hard to imagine why Quentin, Kady and Alice would struggle trying to convince this old friend to return home. It was quite sad to be reminded of what it can feel like for someone to be on the outside, but there was no better time when this is a quest that requires all hands on deck. Meaning that it was also time to explore what layers exist underneath Josh, beyond the cooking and the partying. I like Josh, after that heart to heart he had with Julia a while back, you could admire the person he is and who he tries to be. That he couldn’t find that spark like others would have been a crime if not for this one episode dedicated to the importance in his role.

Now we finally get back to Margo and Eliot, who are not in the best position you can find yourself in. Dealing with the people of Fillory was inevitable and I’m surprised too this long for us to get to. The big twist was who had it out for these two more than the others. All the pieces began to fall into place, and it is only then that these two can now truly move forward. What has ever held them back was the unknown. The enemies they’re aware of, the ones that are unseen. That was always going to be their downfall if not for the way they rise above the obstacles.

What discovery Julia and Fen make about the fairies on Earth was startling. This was a big moment for Julia to prove that her magic runs on a different kind of power, and for Fen to find a place where she can heal without losing herself to grief or hate.

The Magicians “All That Josh” was absolutely delightful. The only question I kept hammering myself with was “Can they all really sing?”, “Is this really happening?”. These are just not the things you thought these magicians would experience, and the execution was gold. It makes a big difference now to see that even when the going is rough, there future is not so dim with the right people.

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