The Magicians “Escape From the Happy Place” Review


THE MAGICIANS — “Escape from the Happy Place” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Spencer Daniels as Charlton, Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/SYFY)

Some big wheels have begun turning after the events of “Marry Fuck Kill”. On one hand you have the monster who drops one heck of a bomb on Quentin’s lap, and you have Julia who is getting very close to the answers she needs about her current existence. Both of which we had the pleasure of fully exploring tonight. That along with much more that is keeping all of our magicians on their toes.

So who else was cheering to see that Eliot is somehow still alive within his own head? It was so hard to believe that the monster actually did away with him when this is an entity seemingly willing enough to say anything to get what it wants. Now while that is a development in question, it is also unknown to the rest of the group which means there was some hearts to break. For every person Quentin got around to, it was crushing to see how they handled the news. However, that was not the highlight of this episode. That would go to the kind of life that Eliot was living trapped inside of his own memories, or as they call it the happy place. The loop he found himself in was entertaining, as well as his reaction to what was really going on around him. It was a good balance to what would inevitably become nightmarish once the time came to escape. It was as if we were getting to know Eliot all over again on this trip through memory lane, though it made it no easier to follow everything that almost broke this guy before.

Where this week takes Margo was heartbreaking. Up to this point, Margo has been lacking in the department of expressing loss. For someone so close to Eliot, she never truly broke down the way that you would have imagined. No lashing out, no tears. She has been moving from one action into the next clearly trying to keep herself together. That much was hard to deny through her need to slip back into her more heartless version of herself. With that said, you still have to admire someone who is not willing to succumb to emotions when they can get you into trouble.

THE MAGICIANS — “Escape from the Happy Place” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh, Stella Maeve as Julia Wicker — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/SYFY)

Julia’s next step was a big one this week. Now that she knew that she was definitely still a god, all that remained was actually looking for a solution to not being able to do magic. Julia may not have gotten the answer she needed, but something was better than running in circles considering the role she would have to play in where this episode was headed. Getting that answer was good for the direction of Julia’s story overall since you only want to pull her away from the group for so long. It’s hard to get anywhere good when too much is going on at the same time, so it was fitting that she would have a part to play in the choice that was made to try and do something about the monster. I mean, when was the last time that Quentin and Julia were really able to work together on something? How this ended was chilling since something was always going to go wrong. The only question was what would go wrong and how. The pay-off alone made this worthwhile.

There was some mixed feelings about Alice when her business with Christopher came to an end. On one hand you were happy to see her finally break away from the Library, but her actions in the case of the bargained showed a different side to her that was more or less still the same Alice as before. The message hit hard that some just can’t change, and Alice fell perfectly into that mental trap. This made it so hard to feel the sympathy they were going for when she looked for forgiveness. The one good thing about the direction of Alice’s arc is that we really don’t know what the future holds for her. The expectation was that she never leaves her cell, but this season currently says otherwise.

The Magicians “Escape From the Happy Place” was a tearjerker for a lot of these characters now realizing what is at stake and the price of being vulnerable. There is also a greater mystery at play here that I hope they do not allow to fly under the radar too long. Not when we want to know what dangers the Library will continue to pose, Irene McAllister, or even where Marina and Kady have been/are.

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