The Magicians “Plan B” Review


THE MAGICIANS — “Plan B” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Stella Maeve as Julia, Jade Tailor as Kady, Jason Ralph as Quentin — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy)

Plan B? Pretty vague if you ask me as nothing seems to go too right for any of our main characters as of late. This was a favorable episode because it was too long that everyone was off doing their own thing. Not completely, but with bigger problems to deal with you didn’t want personal missions to get in the way. The Magicians “Plan B” was the right time for us to begin getting back on track, the only one that really matters in the longrun.

Learning what ‘Plan B’ is was what grabbed your attention. Again Julia and Kady are taking some bold risks to remove this unborn demi-god. The minute Julia set her mind to this you knew that this could only spell trouble eventually. And if you didn’t get the message then the warning Kady received about what they were about to do reinforced it. Seeing how this plan of theirs would backfire was interesting because once again this took us into that territory of what dangers you can run into from other magicians. The kind of exorcist they deal with here was unique to this world if I my opinion. You imagine something more holy when exorcism comes to mind, and this was not what you would have expected. Not even the consequence of dealing with them. But the problems this sort of help brought them created the strongest connection for these two being a part of the big picture. They could continue doing their own thing pulling us in different directions though it felt like where they end up was where they were always meant to be.

Now the fun comes in when you have to question the price of what Julia and Kady are willing to do. Risks are what make a show like The Magicians hold your attention. Ask the most ridiculous thing you would do if you had magic, maybe even the first thing you would do and that is exactly what they attempt here while bringing everyone back together again. Despite the reason for them all coming together, this took advantage of what all viewers love mot about the second season. To put it simply, more magic. Battle magic is fun and all, but nothing beats seeing what they are capable of doing magic within their own field of expertise. With that said, this also meant that the effects were stronger as well. Shaking things up this way didn’t disappoint when they had to really use their heads knowing nothing like what they did goes without a hitch. Elliot in particular doesn’t fail to show us that physical kids have their uses.

Quentin dealing with Alice’s niffin was a great obstacle for him. How do you save someone who doesn’t seem to want to be saved? Rather someone who can’t help coming in the way of her own rescue. While this was a test of Quentin’s mental strength, it was thrilling to have this chance to see a different side to Alice. Real or not being a niffin proved that Olivia Taylor Dudley has some range in her acting to capture this person who is so troublesome and antagonistic. Until this episode you would never have thought that a niffin could be as much help as they are bringers of death.

Character interactions were an improvement this episode. Kady and a certain someone finally see each other again, and I was personally glad they set aside elements of drama for what you knew lied within their hearts. As for the rest of the group, they’ve never worked so well off of each other as they do in this situation. They enjoyed every moment of what they had to do in order to save Julia. This was special if you ask me knowing that once the act was done, things would get serious once again.

Back on Fillory, Elliot and Margo finding out the reality of war was the smartest way to continue the relevancy of their rule. This was that next step for them aside from learning the trick to both diplomacy and understanding of the people they are meant to protect.

They took a big risk with The Magicians “Plan B”, and for that reason this was the most fun we have had this season. Unique use of magic, fun dynamics, a once in a lifetime crime committed, and the first time in a while that it has felt like a character was facing a life threatening situation. Or should I say complication, because messing with magic never comes without a price.

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