The Magicians Season 2 Finale “We Have Brought You Little Cakes” Review


THE MAGICIANS — “We Have Brought You Little Cakes” Episode 213 — Pictured: Hale Appleman as Eliot — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy)

And here we are at the conclusion of another season of The Magicians. I did wonder if they could top the first season, and I have to say they did in many ways. As someone who loves magic, the only way to impress me is when you are bold enough to take off the kids gloves. To be able to get into the deeper meaning of the experience. Throughout this second season I say they took every opportunity to dare to defy reality. Just last week we witnessed the meeting with a dragon, and the confrontation with a god.

As the season finale, I expected them to take some steps to make this episode unique in comparison to those before, and they did not disappoint. A narration at the start? Yeah, that is one way to open up the episode, let alone when finding out who the person is narrating. From Ember’s perspective everything was put bluntly about the creation and history of Fillory. At this point in time it all made sense when so many things could only have happened the way they did if someone was pulling the strings. I’m not going to lie, going through this made what happens by the end of the episode so favorable.

Transitioning into this episode it was interesting to see how Alice was slowly adjusting back into this new life. Still nowhere close to who she used to be, and that is fine as Alice offers this whole different outlook on what it means to be human right now. Her new path is only just beginning, but if there is going to be a third season they laid a solid foundation for where she goes from here.

It wasn’t until now that we could fully understand what sacrifice Penny made for access to the Poison Room. Not to mention the sacrifices he continues to make. I have been so very impressed by this character the second season. He was a tough nut to crack and that always got to me the first season. Though here we are now where he has reached this point where there is more to care about than just himself, and a deeper understanding of the importance of the world around him. Julia on the other hand comes around full circle. It feels nice to see Julia back to her old self, and more than that as someone who has grown since her time as a hedge witch. Who comforts her during this time catches you off guard because it surely wasn’t Quentin which means that it was someone who previously she was not on the best terms with. That also showed growth in more ways than just one. Sometimes it might take a common goal or enemy, but it takes maturity to be that person to lend a hand and for the person receiving the help to accept it.

THE MAGICIANS — “We Have Brought You Little Cakes” Episode 213 — Pictured: Candis Cayne as The Fairy Queen — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy)

Margo almost had me tearing up considering everything else going on this hour. She may consistently be labelled as the bitch, but there is no denying the numerous ways she has proved us wrong. The sacrifice she made just for this trip made enough of a statement if you didn’t see that till now. Exploring the Fairy realm was a treat because it is one thing to travel to Fillory which you would have thought was our ceiling by the end of season one, but then we ended up in the underworld, and now here. Margo’s meeting with the Queen sent chills. Not every god is the same, and this one came with a different air of uncertainty.

The confrontation with Ember to stop this great blank event was without a doubt the highlight of this episode. I had chills not knowing how this would go, as anything goes in the world of The Magicians. You knew where this was going, but you couldn’t have prepared yourself for the execution of this moment. Especially when last week’s episode warned us of the worst case scenario in what happens when you **** with gods. Umber I surprisingly found so much more appealing than Ember in spite of only getting to know him in two episodes. Truthfully in just two episodes we learned much more about Umber than we could have ever cared for when it came to Ember. The things that made him tick, that made him care about Fillory, and what made him fear the idea of going back.

While last week’s episode was titled “Ramification”, I wouldn’t mind if this one be called part two because the consequence(s) after this episode are greater. The Magicians Season 2 Finale “We Have Brought You Little Cakes” brought the grand scheme of this world to life. It was every bit the climax that you could have hoped for when it comes to fighting for the future of magic and Fillory. I think I speak for all when I say not having a third season would be a crime with the note they left us on. So much potential to build off of and characters who still have fates in question.

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