The Magicians “The Fillorian Candidate” Review


THE MAGICIANS — “The Fillorian Candidate” Episode 312 — Pictured: (l-r) Arjun Gupta as Penny Adiyodi, Stella Maeve as Julia Wicker, Jade Tailor as Kady Orloff-Diaz — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy)

After the events of the week before, I absolutely needed to see what happens this week when some heads are going to turn, and there will be some explanations needed for what made the return trip with Julia and Josh. Even then there were still other stories to get back to since the lat episode was spent in a different timeline for that entirety. Assuming that the title this week suggests there is more to taking back the throne, the question is how with the political situation being different from Earth.

Julia picking up from her return was intriguing for the response to her adventure so far. Truthfully I was happy with the turnout for the most part because no matter what was done there, revealed to them, or who came through the other door with her and Josh, the quest and developing this new magic trumps drama. Pushing her in particular to find this new purpose was a natural progression that I wasn’t prepared for, and that is what made the execution perfect. Her perspective shakes things up when it’s not everyday that we will get to see what is going on from a god’s point of view. Who she, Kady, and Penny 23 turn to for help was jaw-dropping. Not just for who they turned to, but what happened in that moment. They got the closure that they needed, while also getting the answers they needed to address what comes after completing the quest and opening that final door.

How this episode begins to live up to the title was great considering the fight for the throne was as wacky as it could get for one taking place in Fillory and through kids of Earth. Margo and Eliot really thought outside the box when it came to their approach. One had to admire the efforts they have put into staying ahead of Fillorians by being able to use knowledge of things they don’t know. Their tactics, lies, and interactions made all the difference in the end. Especially when it came to the few people who managed to make the biggest impact by acknowledging two big problems that were plaguing this land. One that was there long before the magicians, and the other that came at the hands of one of them. Who won as the Fillorian candidate was the biggest shocker of the hour. There was so much going on in this election for the crown, and it was impossible to see how one act of kindness that was seen as a funny minute or so could have changed everything. With that said, I only hope there isn’t tension created or stirred from how the election ended. This can’t be what breaks up a good friendship.

Tick was an entertaining running candidate for the election. For everything that he boasted about being the former king of Fillory, now was the time to show what kind of vision he had for this kingdom. He played a smart game, but also one that could get as dirty as Eliot and Margo. You could see how they could have had some influence over him throughout their working relationship.

THE MAGICIANS — “The Fillorian Candidate” Episode 312 — Pictured: (l-r) Brittany Curan Fen, Summer Bishil as Margo Hanson, Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh, Madeleine Arthur as Fray — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy)

There was chills when it came to what Alice confessed about her plans with the Library. It was the first time that we could truly understand why they were not to be trusted, and why it was important to be able to keep Alice at arm’s length. It was hard not to understand why Alice could have went through with her deal, but it was not so hard in terms of what she is willing to do to get what she wants. She can be just as cruel as the best, though in this case it created one of the most genuine scenes for a quester who hasn’t revisited his personal life in quite some time.

The start of this episode was gold when Josh once again steals the spotlight for doing something unexpected of him and of this show. His recap for Penny 23 as I will call him (as they did too before I did) was delightful and a nice catch-up for the rest of us. His exploration was worthwhile since there was a lot of things he was not prepared to understand about this timeline. Adjusting to this timeline and being fully accepted will take some time, but for right now it is worth the change in conversation in contrast to what we get from Penny 40. I only wonder when they are going to get around to where Marina disappeared to. While Penny 23 provided satisfying responses, she is still someone who you wouldn’t want to trust in any timeline.

Overall, The Magicians “The Fillorian Candidate” took some big steps forward this week exploring the mystery of the gods, and the fun in politics. Next week is an hour to look forward to when it is all or nothing in this quest to restore magic. What lies on the other side I feel will create some dread, but that is nothing new to these magicians who have faced down monsters and gods.

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