The Magicians “The Flying Forest” Review


***Some spoilers below***

Utterly speechless is the only way The Magicians “Divine Elimination” could have left you after the final confrontation with The Beast. The Magicians has now proved to us time and time again that things can always get darker in this world. Quentin asked the biggest question regardless of the importance in facing The Beast. What do you do after? Elliot still has to rule Fillory as King, but what about the rest?

Answers came quick enough starting with Elliot and Margo. Their path seemed clearer than most since Elliot has no choice but to be King and Margo is like a packaged deal herself. The words between them over this did get a bit real, but for Margo I think this was a step in the right direction about her growth over time. She was smart and fierce, but around Elliot you couldn’t always take her too seriously. After everything that they’ve been through it seems that she has matured to the point where there is less mincing of words between them as it should have been more consistently. For Elliot I’m guessing this was the time to crush the idea that he could run away from these new duties. What they actually do afterwards definitely got you thinking just for the fact that you know this choice they made won’t come without consequence. It took someone with more age to bring some sense into this, but it was just the right person if you ask me. If we are still traversing between Fillory and Earth than Fogg surely should still have a voice in what’s going on.

As for Quentin, the emotional toll he took upon letting Alice’s death sink in was quite heartbreaking. He is an emotional guy, so there wasn’t much to hold back when grieving over it. What he planned to do next made sense. The exploration we got out of this was priceless because this is the first time Quentin and Penny are stuck together on mutual grounds. Speaking of Penny, he’s still reaching that point most of us know is coming for him. Vague messages about the future are vague, but they aren’t too subtle about the end result. Nonetheless just when you thought you couldn’t laugh more at his situation, then comes him and Quentin trying to finesse their way to a solution. This too what they wanted was easier said than done, but the fantastical side to this journey’s end was memorable for the interaction.

If there’s one thing I am liking about this season so far, it is that all things do come in time. The small things that may have gotten overshadowed in the past we do get back to eventually. For The Magicians “The Flying Forest”, this was where they found the time to get back to Dean Fogg and the recovery of his abilities as a magician. It’s easy to cast him aside just because of who he is as the Dean, but it’s important to highlight the pain that does come with losing control of something that has been a part of you for so long.

This was a depressing time if you’re a fan of Julia. Luck just isn’t on her side when she is trying to do the right thing. Reynard is still on the loose and we left Julia simply sitting there facing defeat as there must be guilt over Marina suffering at his hands. Now last week when they talked about an unsuspecting ally, the first guess what that it had to be Kady. Shocking was it when this wasn’t the case. But seeing her now was a nice change. She was a very likable character with a steady moral compass. So you wanted to know how she was doing while all these unfortunate events unfolded. These two together was what we needed of them at a time like this. There was enough trust where things could actually get done. They might have gotten just a bit more than they bargained for in the scare department looking for a new way to vanquish Reynard, but still testament to what they can accomplish.

The Magicians “The Flying Forest” was an emotional roller coaster. You couldn’t have braced yourself for anything more with everyone dealing with so much loss and disappointment. Self discovery plays a big part here, but that comes with doing the impossible as they did when taking down The Beast.

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