The Magicians “Word as Bond” Review


THE MAGICIANS — “Word As Bond” Episode 208 — Pictured: (l-r) Stella Maeve as Julia, Summer Bishil as Margo — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy)

The Magicians “Plan B” was a risk worth taking. It was the most entertaining episode of The Magicians so far, well up until Elliot gets the short end of the stick though fun nonetheless. Yes The Magicians is a drama and things get dark, but at the end of the day this is magic we are talking about and you expect these moments to come out of having it at your disposal. Again there was a unique use of magic, fun dynamics, a once in a lifetime crime committed.

Julia losing her shade really turns her story around. You could only imagine what she would be like without her shade. Would she turn into another copy of The Beast? Would she become broken beyond repair? The truth was still quite shocking, though at the same time favorable. I enjoy this new Julia. Sure this means that there is less restraint or the risk of inhumane acts, but this is the Julia I’m sure that many have wanted to see for quite some time regardless. Her emotions are less dry and there’s more energy put into her drive towards the things she wants. They didn’t waste time showing how drastic this change would be for her and boy does it send some chills down your spine. If she was predictable before, right now she has become anything but that which held her back. Where this takes her was the highlight of this episode if you ask me because the things she does here challenge the idea that any one of them couldn’t be formidable if they let go of their sense of right and wrong.

I would say Quentin’s story takes a turn for the best as well. Making this deal with niffin Alice spelled trouble from the minute he agreed to such foolishness. It says a lot about how much he has at least grown to make sacrifices for both his friends and the one he loves. Continuing to prove that here is a step in the right direction, especially when it came to confronting what has now happened to Julia without her shade. Now when it came to the deal with Alice going into effect? This was as chilling as what’s going on with Julia. Alice is unhinged with what she desires and this leaves you guessing as to what she would do to get what she wants. In those hours she is in control anything can happen. The back and forth between the two at this point makes it hard not to smile when she’s so difficult about not driving Quentin mad. Including to those who notice something is not right.

Traveling back to Fillory, it was good to see some progression on the troubles this world is facing in general. Its one thing to see how the lack of magic has affected the regular people and nature, though it is another to see just how it could affect everything as a whole if the situation continued to deteriorate.

THE MAGICIANS — “Word As Bond” Episode 208 — Pictured: Grey Damon as The Dryad — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy)

That aside this was a big episode for Margo trying to not only save Elliot, but run Fillory on her own. I have said that Margo is fun for the way she has embraced her attitude since becoming High Queen, though that doesn’t come without problems of its own. This was a hard part to follow for the fact that running a kingdom is no simple task, and if you’re Margo that task is even harder. There was some sympathizing when coming to terms with just why that is for her in particular. It was always the truth, but to hear it from herself can bring a tear to the eye knowing that if there was very a problem with Elliot or Margo it was always that they struggled fixing the things about themselves that they are self-aware of.

As for Penny, this was a good time if you are a fan of the books. You know where he will end up ultimately and this episode finally kicked off where he would make his way back down that path. Sure this makes everything up to that inevitable point for nothing, but that isn’t to say that Penny hasn’t been a delight through his desperation. It also helps that they are now trying to figure out things between he and Kady. This was also an inevitability and knowing these two it’s not going to be easy for either to fully express what future there is for them together.

The story and plot are picking up some serious traction with The Magicians “Word as Bond”. If there was any problem with where some characters were going or if there was something questionable, I think this episode fixed things with a number of tense character moments where there was some standout acting as well. Particularly between Julia, Margo and Alice. We have to see this kind of momentum take us through the rest of the season.

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