The Next Batman To Be Announced In September


So the carousel ride continues with the news that DC Entertainment will be annoncing their new Batman in late September or the beginning of October. At the moment there have been four new names added to the Batman mix. According to Comic Book News and there sources these are the names being thrown around the Warner Brothers studios Wes Bentley, Jake Gyllenhaal, Luke Evans, and Ben Affleck. The sources at Comic Book News have stated that these actors have been offered the chance to screen test with Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Now with the exception of Gyllenhaal none of these actors would be my ideal choice for the Dark Knight I feel we need a Bruce Wayne that does not look so much like Henry Cavill’s Superman. As this is all rumored at the moment it still gives DC, Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder the chance to think about it and get the character and movie right. Also most of these actors seem to have very busy schedules for the next year so what does that mean for the new Superman film which is said to start production next year for a 2015 release. So with Gyllenhaal attached to the upcoming film Everest” which is already in pre-production as well as Evans having the films The Crow and Dracula on his schedule for production next year and Affleck already making plans to direct his next feature film titled Live by Night that only leaves one viable option.Batman

That option is Wes Bentley which is pointed out by Comic Book News that he is Christopher Nolan’s top choice to where the cape and cowl. Bentley stars in Nolan’s next film titled Interstellar and it is said that he has an important role in the movie. So what do you guys think of the choices that DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers have come up with? Who would you like to see in the role of the Dark Knight? Who is your Next Batman?

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