The Next Halo Comic Should Star Fireteam Osiris


When it comes to Halo video games in it’s current stage, I have always been fifty-fifty about what I have liked and disliked. I have loved and forever will support the direction that the story has taken. Everything to me has been according to plan between the creation of the SPARTAN-IV program, the rise of the AIs, and the fight for the mantle of the universe. My issues begin with the approach to the Halo 5 multiplayer, which is a topic for another day. After that, it is the fact that 343i has yet to really capitalize on what the Spartan-IVs have to offer. The side stories and books involving Fireteam Majestic have been a good start, but now is the time to take the next step forward with Fireteam Osiris.

In the Halo community, I’m sure that you would call this a sensitive topic. You either loved the role that they have now played in this universe, or for some reason you hate their guts. As the title suggests, I support both the creation of these characters and the re-introduction to at least one of them. These are Spartans who prove that these soldiers don’t have to be one-dimensional like Master Chief. Having personality doesn’t hurt, having a mind of your own doesn’t hurt either. Neither does it hurt the story being a character who interferes with the hero you worship. I say this and and some might try to point to the Reach Spartans. the honest truth is that they had their whole stories condensed into a single chapter of the Halo universe. They played their part, and then they were all killed off one by one. But here we have more of the same and fortunate enough to have them still alive and kicking. One would appreciate that, right? Especially when the main message of Halo 5 was that there’s always two sides to a story.

Spartans do what they do based on the orders and information they are given, but what happens when that information is not everything you need to make an informed decision? That is what you came to enjoy about following Spartan Locke. He dared to get the full story before he took action. He clashed with Master Chief and Blue Team, but he took every chance to piece together things for himself which is not too normal for the average Spartan.

When we have so many opportunities to also tell these stories through the books. Wouldn’t want to take that chance on elaborating on those sides to this galactic war through the comics? I feel like right now Dark Horse is missing a chance to take on fleshing out these Spartans in a way that could gain them the followers they need and the main storyline progresses. I mean, if they aren’t going to flesh these characters out in the actual game, then when will they? We need more to the Oni soldier turned Spartan, the ODST soldier who became Spartan, the Spartan with the intellect, and the one who came from the lower colonies. The game gave us bits and pieces, as well as Halo: Nightfall, but all of this is not enough. Not when so many other characters have been given more room to visually engage us in their stories one way or another. The Majestic team got a whole side game and the Halo: Escalation series. We are too far along where they have that and the Blue team has gotten two of the most recent books as well.

I would be fine if we even just got a book that told different stories based on their origins. Maybe everyone thinks that Fireteam Osiris is a tough sell, but this is not the time to backtrack on something you already set into motion. If you want certain characters to earn more respect, then you have to give them your full attention. Otherwise you will eventually have everyone turning to you as if you wasted their time with something that wasn’t taken seriously. Majority of these Halo comics are no more than four issues at best as miniseries. What’s the harm in one of those two books released a year focusing on Osiris? I’m not even trying to point fingers. I love this game and all the characters involved. That is why I want to see all of them in one way or another succeed in bringing this story together in their respective areas.

One thing I also feel like we have missed is the potential in Fireteam Osiris’ dynamic. This isn’t a team where we have experienced drama in contrast to Majestic. Everything about them was always straight to the point and by the books. When there are so little obstacles between them, there’s plenty of room to explore where all of them stood on their objectives. For the most part we got Locke and Buck’s views, and that is only half of the team. Even then when will we ever get the chance to see if they could have been hated for going after Master Chief.

There will be more than enough who disagree with this, and honestly I wouldn’t be too shocked. I also wouldn’t be too shocked if these were the same Halo player who think that it’s only what happens in the game that matters. At the end of the day we need to cover all corners of the Halo universe. It’s time for Fireteam Osiris to get their due.

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