The Problem With The “Mitsuki Arc”


I’m not going to lie, I was one of those very excited about the “Mitsuki Arc”. I saw some of the similarities to when Naruto was chasing after Sasuke, and I thought this was a very defining period for the character beyond understanding his origins. I mean, as much as you could love his connection to Boruto, you may have also wanted to be sure that Mitsuki wouldn’t just be someone who does something because Boruto does it or thinks it.

This story arc started off great in my opinion. There was the suddenness of Mitsuki leaving the village with these attackers, the mystery behind his intentions, and what it could mean for his future in the village. And then that was followed by the establishing of importance of Mitsuki to everyone else, and the importance of Mitsuki to Orochimaru as his son. I felt like there was a good pacing to all of that. Especially the way that both Boruto and Sarada decided nothing mattered more than getting their friend back. Unfortunately it was after that where things went south. This could have otherwise been a very straightforward story that got us from point A to point B, but the writer here got a little too caught up with turning this into the filler we all feared it would be at the start. That’s not to say that this isn’t filler, but the way the story progressed initially you wouldn’t have labelled it as such. Now, I can’t help but to see filler when they have started losing us to the troublesome need to drag out a story that could have been over and done with ages ago.

I felt nothing but disappointment when we started going through these trials and obstacles that were beginning to make you yawn. The intention here is supposed to tell a story for Mitsuki, not cram as much as possible between for a poor attempt at adding substance. This summoning for Boruto was a nice addition, but that could happen at any time without the search for Mitsuki. This thing with the Akuta and the clones also felt unnecessary for the staleness of these characters. They want you to sympathize with them, but you don’t. I can’t because they are just a means to an end. Then you toss in this thing with Ōnoki and it just turns into a mess without direction. They are cramming so much that you barely actually see much of the character you are paying attention to this for. Don’t even get me started on the whole Inojin thing.

Then let’s talk about the action scenes. A majority of these have been subpar up to this point. These may be young ninja, but the older generation was capable of a lot more than this lot when facing against stronger foes. You see them fighting these obstacles and its as if they somehow forgot that they have ninjutsu or special techniques. A lot of these fights involving Sarada should have been much better visually for what she is currently capable of with her sharingan. She hasn’t even been seen punching a single person which makes ZERO sense.

Overall, what could have been memorable is now facing a wall that will make it just as forgettable. This is not a good sign for the series if they can’t move past a filler arc like this and get back to some real storytelling without the bad habits of most anime series. I was truly hoping for something that would take the bad taste out of my mouth from the tv show story they did before this. Obviously they don’t want that with the way this story arc is going. They need to produce something meaningful soon, or finish the anime now sorry to say. I despise being this hard on something, but after the Invasion Arc I was looking forward to so much more than what we’re getting right now.

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