The Select Seven – Comic Picks for the Week of May 11th, 2016


Each week, tons of new comics debut and demand your time and money. It’s impossible to read them all so that’s where this list comes in. These seven titles are the ones we think will be most worth your money this week. There’s a lot to look forward to this week with some new series launches and great titles that continue to be worth our money with each new issue. Here are the select seven for this week and why our writers are excited for these titles!

The Select Seven _ May 11th1. Gotham Academy #18 by Brendan Fletcher & Adam Archer (DC Comics) $2.99

“Gotham Academy shares yearbook stories through issue #18 so there’s plenty more to look forward to.”

As the ‘Gotham Academy Yearbook’ storyline comes to an end, Olive, Maps and the gang wrap up the year with stories that will reveal secrets about the Academy you won’t want to miss!

2. Dejah Thoris #4 by Frank J. Barbiere & Francesco Manna (Dynamite Comics) $3.99

“Getting the answers will surely be no walk in the park, though where would the fun be if this was easy?”

Having taken command of an elite unit in the People’s Army of Barsoom, Dejah ventures into the badlands to search for secrets of her past. But when her unit is captured by powerful enemies, she must truly learn what it means to be a leader or suffer the consequences! An all-new chapter in the life of Dejah Thoris continues from the creative team of Frank J. Barbiere and Francesco Manna.

3. Kennel Block Blues #4 (Of 4) by Ryan Ferrier & Daniel Bayliss (Boom! Studios) $3.99

“It looks like crap is about to hit the fan with this one. Hopefully this story goes out with a bang!”

Final issue! Oliver, Pickles, and the rest of the cats and dogs prepare for an uprising.

4. Archie #8 by Mark Waid & Veronica Fish (Archie Comics) $3.99

“Love versus the town that he loves, this will be a big conflict to explore regardless of how it turns out.”

Veronica’s father (and Archie’s arch-nemesis!), Hiram Lodge, is running for Mayor of Riverdale! But will he save, and even improve the town – or will he destroy it? Find out in this next installment of the hottest comic of the year!

681181_d54446aaa4a660cfb3322b89fc04faae7d10a2005. Satellite Falling #1 by Steve Horton & Stephen Thompson (IDW Publishing) $3.99

“This one right here sounds like a winner in my book just based on premise. Hopefully they capitalize on what this can be from how it sounds.”

A lone human survived the death of the one she loved, and escaped a corrupt Earth. She now makes her way as a bounty hunter, on a satellite full of aliens. But someone’s about to turn her life upside down… By Amala’s Blade writer Steve Horton and Star Wars artist Stephen Thompson! Variant cover by Judge Dredd artist PJ Holden! For fans of space opera, crime fiction and lots of things exploding!

6. Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #5 by Marc Guggenheim & German Peralta (Marvel Comics) $3.99

“It’s about time that they brought Grant Ward into the comics. Despite feelings towards his character in the show, there’s no denying that he has left his mark even if he is from the cinematic universe.”

Coulson captive! Simmons dying! The Amazing Spider-Man marked for death! And if that wasn’t enough? the Marvel Comics Universe debut of GRANT WARD. Rated T+

7. Ninjak #15 by Matt Kindt & Diego Bernard (Valiant Comics) $3.99

“This really is a drastic change in direction for Colin. The man with almost everything now having nothing and on the run. Not the big man on top right now, and easy pickings for our obvious villain who is just waiting right around the corner to make her move.”

‘THE SIEGE OF KING’S CASTLE’ – PART 2! Roku and the remnants of Weaponeer have destroyed Colin King’s home, his identity and his very life. But they made one mistake – they didn’t kill Ninjak when they had the chance! Ninjak’s darkest hour is nigh as New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (4001 A.D.) and red-hot artist Diego Bernard (X-O MANOWAR) continue the most pivotal turning point yet in the deadly life of MI-6’s most elite intelligence operative, only in ‘THE SIEGE OF KING’S CASTLE’!

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