The Vampire Diaries: “No Exit” Review


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There’s no avoiding that Damon is feeding on vampires now. But he isn’t alone as he tests out his new diet. Enzo refuses to leave Damon proclaiming that he wouldn’t ever turn his back on his friend. Damon isn’t going around murdering friends, but turning humans into vampires to feed on them, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Of course, Wes is following Damon and has his witches on hand. He locks Damon and Enzo into a house after a vampire kill. The pair has 8 hours to get out before Damon’s cravings go berserk and he tries to feed on his best friend. I’m glad that despite the fight the two had a few episodes ago, they are now thick as thieves. As a character Enzo is really interesting and I hope we get to see a lot more of him. When Wes gets antsy he charges Damon to break free from his change. It works when Damon attacks Enzo, but whatever the witches did made his blood toxic to Damon. After a bit of encouragement from both Wes and Damon, Enzo begrudgingly leaves. I would love to see Damon and Enzo’s bromance bud.



It wasn’t surprising that the others picked up on Damon’s situation. There were two teams in the pursuit to find him. First was Katherine and Stefan on the road, while Caroline, stayed back to deal with the Matt situation with Tyler. The combination of Caroline and Tyler forced them to confront their feelings. Caroline seriously betrayed Tyler when she slept with Klaus. She slept with the one person in the world who it would hurt Tyler the most. Klaus killed Tyler’s mother and Caroline knew this. Even if Caroline didn’t hope to get back with Tyler that would be a betrayal of his friendship. Tyler may have apologized for the outburst he had. He isn’t ready to forgive Caroline yet, which is understandable. There’s going to be a really big near death event to finally get them back together. Hopefully, they don’t tread that ground of their relationship again, but it would be great if they could be proper friends again.

Katherine’s little body swap secret is still important to her. With Matt now aware that he was being used, Katherine wants him dead. It was nice that eve she admitted that everyone including her loves Matt as a friend, but even he isn’t worth keeping around if it means blowing her cover. Nadia is opposed to killing Matt and makes Katherine see the light. She crafts an alternative to killing Matt by creating a major ruse and somehow getting Matt to go along with it. What I don’t understand is why Matt would go along with lying to Caroline and Tyler when Elena was in trouble. Now if it was because he didn’t want to end up dead then it would have made sense. However, it seems he’s more interested in a brief hook up with Nadia, than making sure Elena is safe. It is starting to get old that Matt is constantly used as a pawn and always being duped.

Matt & Nadia

Matt & Nadia

A brief side discussion. The Vampire Diaries thrives on it’s relationships. Sure, the show is very much about the relationships between characters, but it also relies on the relationships that the audience has with it’s characters. One of the reasons the show feels fresh is because it is aware of what the audience is thinking and anticipates it. Which is why both Matt and Nadia’s characters can be frustrating. Matt is frustrating because as I mentioned he is a pawn for characters to manipulate. Matt is officially the only non-supernatural character on the show. Unlike Jeremy who disappears when he isn’t needed for a story line, Matt is frequently brought in. In many ways he is the final connection to true humanity, but he’s more of a sign of weakness. It would be nice if Matt could become a stronger character. As for Nadia, she’s rather one note. While Katherine is bad, she is a fun bad. When Katherine pops up with an evil scheme that is going to screw people over, you are entertained. You love to hate her and she’s well fleshed out. Nadia is just bad because she has mommy issues. It makes her less compelling. Because she isn’t quite as enjoyable, the reveal that Tyler bit her and she’s dying loses a lot of potential impact. It’s hard to care.

Katherine’s secret may be really important to her, but not more important than winning over Stefan. As she takes her long trip with him to find Damon, she does everything she can to extend their time together. She really is doing everything she can too. Breaking the car. Intentionally getting herself dirty to need to get a shower. Well, it worked and they ended up in a motel room. There Stefan talked about the loss of their love and how he handled it. Katherine pulls out all the stops when she tries to seduce Stefan. it’s almost comical they way she openly teases Damon. While it may have been obvious what she was doing to the audience, to Stefan it was enticing. She is in the body of the woman he’s loved twice over at this point. The music selection this scene was actually perfect as she enticed, teased, and then finally sealed the deal. There’s no doubt that there’s chemistry between Stefan and Katherine/Elena. However, Stefan is a very emotional and empathetic vampire and stops it before it can get past a bit of making out.

The pursuit of Stefan isn’t the only game Katherine is playing. Katherine put Enzo’s life in jeopardy by ignoring his call and pushing it off until later. When she does finally turn up to help Damon, she sets up a situation that would pit Stefan’s feelings for Damon against his feelings for Elena. Stefan wasn’t about to lose either and offered his own blood to save Elena. With Damon safely chained up in the base of the house. Damon noticed Elena’s odd behavior, but he didn’t have the knowledge that it was actually Elena. But Damon said enough to plant the seed about how oddly she was behaving. When Stefan brought this up to Caroline, she also agreed and acknowledged her odd behavior. It led him to jump to the conclusion that the message Matt was trying to get them was that it was Katherine in Elena’s body. It’s taken them along time to notice how strangely “Elena” was acting before bringing it up. The secret is finally out and the story can more forward.

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"No Exit" felt like a transition episode as the group deftly handles Damon's new vampire blood diet and uncover the deception Nadia and Katherine have been pulling over their heads.

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