The Vampire Diaries: “While You Were Sleeping” Review


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Elena is going through some weird PTSD after being locked in her own body without having control. her dreams are haunting her about her friends not realizing that Katherine was possessing her body. Thankfully her conscious mind didn’t have to sit through that agony and she didn’t remember being locked in her own body. Waking up locked in her dorm probably wasn’t the best wake up call, but she handles it well. At least she realizes that she has a thirst for her vampire friends. Unfortunately, the ripper virus that Elena has is more dangerous than the one Damon has. The virus Elena has is laced with werewolf blood, which makes her want to feed on vampires and is slowly killing her.

While You Were SleepingDamon meanwhile is locked back up in the basement. He’s now getting his vampire blood from Jeremy and Matt. No more Tyler fiasco for Damon. All he wants though is to talk to Elena and be the one who tells her that Aaron Whitmore is dead. Their conversation on the phone was sweet in a very Damon way. Elena and Damon really are a good pairing as they balance each other out rather than just making them a cutesy pairing. They care for each other deeply, for Damon that’s unique.

In fact, Damon’s devotion to Elena is great. He would risk his own life and even get himself killed if that would help Elena. Damon is also willing to jeopardize the people they care about if it means helping her. Which in many ways is reckless and does nothing but her Elena, but he doesn’t always think things through. It didn’t take much to realize that Elena was truly losing it. Holding Matt hostage to get Jeremy to set him free was really the only option.

I’m honestly surprised that Bonnie is spending so much time with the newbie witch, Liv. She did hit on Jeremy right in front of Bonnie. Not to mention, she is insanely cocky about harnessing her new abilities. Thankfully, Bonnie knew enough to put her in her place and give her a simple spell to do. I can understand keeping the new girl around, but there’s no need to get unnecessarily close to her. It kind of worked out when it was revealed that Liv is really one of the bad guys pretending to be an amateur witch.

Just because Wes is dead, doesn’t mean that is research doesn’t still have an effect. For one, when Enzo disappeared from the cabin, he went with Wes so he could do more experiments including cures to the two ripper viruses Elena and Damon have. Thankfully, Caroline got in touch the the travelers who can help. The travelers need Stefan’s help and in exchange they will give up the cure that Wes created. Apparently only one doppelganger can be alive at one time and currently there are two Stefan looking men wandering the world. The travelers want to establish the same link Tessa did earlier in the season in an attempt to kill Silas. It nearly works, but it would have killed Stefan and Caroline wasn’t about to have that and struck a deal with the travelers while Stefan was unconscious.

The deal Caroline made with the travelers was to accomplish what they would have by infiltrating Stefan’s mind. Essentially, Caroline has been enlisted to kill Silas. This should be interesting in the upcoming episodes as Caroline will be paired with the once noble, but now ruthless Enzo. this should be an interesting pairing in the future.

While You Were SleepingElena’s slowly degrade into insanity as her health got progressively worse. The sickness within her was warring in such a way that was making her lose everything she’d just regained. Her hallucinations got worse and worse as time went on. Until she started seeing Aaron Whitmore. She convinced herself that she killed him and it was tearing him apart. Elena lost it so bad that she nearly killed a college friend and lured Bonnie and Liv to the dorm. When they finally arrived, Elena speared Liv and forced her to drop the barrier or die. Needless to say, it worked and Elena saved her and stormed off. Delusional in the park, she thought she saw Aaron, who was in fact Damon coming to save her. Damon finally admitting that he killed Aaron Whitmore came at possibly the worst moment, but it had to come and with Elena deteriorating, there wasn’t really a better moment. Thankfully, Enzo arrived with the cures just in time.

Damon and Elena’s relationship talk was really well done. They laid out all of their issues. Damon does stupid, bad shit. Hell, he didn’t even realize that it wasn’t Elena right away. Elena goes and blames someone other than Damon and bends her morals. She continually does it because she loves Damon. Damon never really changes and the cycle continues over and over again. They both acknowledge that their relationship is entirely toxic, and it totally is. But for some reason they work and they are drawn to each other. And they realize that they really can’t be apart and immediately hook up. Sure, Damon and Elena will need to figure things out, but for now being together works for them both.

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Elena struggled with the unique ripper virus coursing through her body and hallucinations throughout "While You Were Asleep". The result was a number of pay offs while new troubles arose.

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