The Vampire Diaries: “Woke Up With A Monster” Review


Caroline’s mother is extremely sick, stage four cancer and all. That has driven Caroline to baby her mother and desperately search for anything that can help her mother or at least stave off her eventual death. All of which brings up the question of just how useful vampire blood actually is. It is capable of saving someone who is dying or mortal wounds, but cancer is off limits. It’s not entirely clear how it works, but I’ve got to admit it seems as though the ability to have save may be possibly. Heck, Caroline even decided that she was going to experiment on another brain cancer patient to see if the blood would cure him. The problem is she jumped in to making a plan based off false conclusions. The ensuing aftermath as Caroline has to deal with the decision that she pushed on her mother is what will drive her forward.

It was all so pleasing to see Elena being truly crafty. As of late characters have been acting by the book. No one is pulling out any brilliant plans to keep themselves safe. Thus, watching Elena properly fighting back was amusing and proof that she isn’t just a damsel in distress. Instead, she’s capable of at least keeping herself alive. Through it all she even kept all her humor and knew how to joke once the immediate danger was out of the way. It was actually quite relieving considering how much Elena has been acting miserable as of late. Seeing Elena in fighting spirit is the most compelling she’s been all season. At the end of the day, one is just happy that Elena is safe and not so much about Jo’s nosebleed.

tvds06e11x02Jeremy has largely been in the background for a long time now. This season every so often hes emerged from his brooding over Bonnie to be eye candy or to pull out threats. It seems fitting that he pulls out the threats now that Elena is in Kai’s possession. Jeremy’ character really needs to be able to do more. In the past he had story lines. Now, he’s been brushed to his side. either they give him something worthwhile to do or they fade out his character. His little stunt this episode while effective almost felt like deus ex machina as he strolled in and saved the day.

Liv is slowly coming to accept her fate. She knows that if she’s forced to merge with Luke she will die. That is what is rocking Liv and driving her to be  despondent. Unfortunately, Liv is still not a compelling character. As much as they’ve tried to paint her as someone we are supposed to care about, it hasn’t been successful. Liv is still pouty, broody, and selfish. As a result, Liv’s entire penchant to get Jo up o snuff is just to keep herself alive. Even as she does this, she knows that Jo can’t win, just like she can’t win.

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"Woke Up With A Monster" propelled the characters further into the Gemini Coven plot as a merge becomes imminent, but still struggles to make us care about the members of the Gemini Coven.

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