The Walking Dead “East” Review


The Walking Dead took a step back from where the last episode ended with Carol running off back to just before she left. It’s clear that Carol has been having a crisis. What she has become isn’t something she’s okay with. It reached the point where she can’t continue any more. She tried changing, but situations kept reverting her back to a place where she had to make sure she survived. Her solution was to remove herself from the situation.

There was one scene in particular with Carol. It was teased in the cold open. Then it was teased half way through events leaving us bewildered at the half way point. It was frustrating because it felt like she was toying with her prey. Her entire plot line was a tease to play out this mystery of where she went. It didn’t exactly feel like something I enjoyed. If it was played a little more straight forward,, I probably would have enjoyed this a bit more.

twds06e15x02Morgan and Rick finally had a conversation that desperately needed to be had since things settled down in Alexandria. Morgan finally fessed up to keeping the wolf alive. It was all just an argument yo explain how all live was precious in a way that would directly concern Rick. It seemed to work, but it didn’t change Ricks mind. It’s just setting him further down a path to becoming a more balanced leader. One who can lead his people into battle when war is afoot, but can maintain a more balanced way to keep people safe.

Daryl who is impulsive went after the saviors. We’ve seen this behavior from him previously, but it’s been a while. Between Daryls departure and the group that went after him to keep him from walking into death and Carol and a Rick who went after her, a number of The Walking Deads heavy hitters are outside Alexandria. It doesn’t seem like the best idea to leave so few who have proven themselves to protect the entire community.

It wasn’t surprising that the only other person there when Denise died felt that Daryls tirade was justified. Sure he was operating under the initiative spurred by letting Dwight go in the first place. It didn’t change the fact that he felt slighted from trying to be a good guy.

The Walking Dead has divided the community with the existence of Richonne. I like having the two alphas together especially after all that has been built between the two of them. It gives them a renewed sense of something to fight for when things no doubt go bad. This is important considering the position Michonne ended up in by the end of the episode. It puts Rick into a spot where he can get more information. The final moments entirely set up that things were going to blow everything wide open in such a way that everyone would have to fight to keep the people they love.

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"East" sets things up for the season finale in a way that this half of the season meandered at establishing.

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