The Walking Dead “Heads Up” Review


Glenn survived. We all knew that had happened. At least you did if you went on the Internet or looked at tabloids featuring The Walking Dead in the past month. The fact that his death was not memorialized on the Talking Dead after he seemingly had his entrails pulled was questionable. Sure, Steven Yuen’s name had been pulled from the credits, but there was enough doubt in the air that by the time we heard the help last week on the radio it was hard not to think that just maybe he found a way to survive. And he pulled himself under that garbage can and built a wall of walkers. All he had to do was wait and he did. Glenn survived.

His new-found lease on life quickly led him to Enid who didn’t want to talk and the member of their group that was left against the fence. Glenn is a determined bugger. We’ve seen him go from someone who was eager and optimistic to someone who is world weary and just wants to survive. Glenn will be damned if he doesn’t help Enid from whatever self-destructive path she’s on.

twds06e07x02Rick is trying to go about life-like it’s somewhat normal inside Alexandria. Rick is training with Carl. He’s also having a conversation with Morgan about him letting the five wolves go. Morgan is suffering with his all life is precious mantra. He wants to uphold it and does, but even he admits it’s difficult. The problem is the little council doesn’t necessarily agree. It’s interesting to see all the different perspectives that are present at the table. There’s Carol who will kill without discrimination. Rick who will kill anyone he needs but won’t do so for no reason. Then there’s Michonne, who is closest to Morgan’s philosophy, in that she tries to save anyone possible, but will kill when needed. I wish we got them hashing out a bit more of their differences.

People are desperate to find a way out of their predicament in the walls. Things only got bad when Spencer tried to take things into his own hands. After nearly getting himself killed in a foolish attempt it was really clear that not everyone is content to just sit back and let things happen. They need to do something to make things better. Whether that is doing something foolish or of just trying to keep hope.

The biggest problem of the episode was that this was just a really slow episode that didn’t reveal much. The Walking Dead has a tendency to get slow, the latter half of this arc has really lost much of the tension and excitement that the earlier episodes had. Out of everything that happened, very little progressed the plot or built the characters. Instead it felt largely rehashed with nothing new. The few moments that genuinely gave us something new were few and far between. The episode left me feeling that the tower that collapsed should have happened earlier in the episode.

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"Heads Up" slowly moved toward the groups next big hurtle, revealing necessary information, and trudging to where the show needed to be for the midseason finale.

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