The Walking Dead “Here’s Not Here” Review


We originally met Morgan back in episode one. He is one of very few characters who has been around for so long. However, we went long stretches of time without really seeing Morgan. He would appear then disappear only to reappear a bit later. That left large gaps of time where we didn’t really know what was going on with him. All we did know was that every time he reappeared, he was in a very different state. It was almost like he was a different character because of all of his experiences. For the most part we were left to be content with just that, but in reality it was a bit disappointing not knowing what caused him to reach those big points. This episode was there to fill in some of the gaps.

We immediately flashed back to Morgan not long after his encounter with Rick and Carl in the season 3 episode. He’d lost it quite a bit, letting his home base go up in flames. Instead, he hit the woods and burned the walkers in the area. He e even set up spokes as a perimeter around his outdoor camp. he set up self up. He lived live as gritty as possible, but he still hadn’t given up on old habits. Clear was still important to him. He was also unwilling to spare life. The mere thought of an encounter had Morgan jumping to kill. It is so different from the Morgan that we have been growing used to. That Morgan kills first and asks questions later.

twds06e04x02It wasn’t until he met the cheesemaker that he started to look at things differently. It was a nice reveal when he started talking about making cheese, since we already knew that the cheesemaker is where he learned much of what he knew about tying people up and using a bo staff. It is with him that Morgan begins to unravel the harsh exterior. It was not an easy process, but it was interesting to see those walls broken. We saw him truly hit his rock bottom.

Once Morgan stopped trying to focus on clearing everything, he found he could actually relate to Eastman. He was a calm psychiatrist skilled in aikido. It made him the perfect person to keep Morgan in check and shed his anger. Morgan didn’t need that to survive. He needed skills and focus. Morgan found peace by accepting that he wasn’t alone and from reading The Art of Peace. Things got better for him over time. They grew closer and real understanding emerged. Until triggers made it impossible. His early decisions came back to haunt him. Not only did they haunt, but his reaction ultimately caused him to revert.

All of this led to a very changed Morgan. A Morgan that is keeping a wolf in a house. No one knows about this and it is dangerous. it isn’t something that the Morgan at the beginning of the episode would have done. instead, it is something only this zen Morgan would do. However, this is going to be disastrous for Morgan and maybe more. The question is if he will learn to take on a more balanced approach.

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"Here's Not Here' filled in a lot of the blanks as to how Morgan transitioned from on the brink to a man of peace.

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