The Walking Dead “Not Tomorrow Yet” Review


The Ricktatorship has fallen. It is now very much more so a democracy. Sure, Rick is the figure-head, but we finally saw how he chooses to manage his people. He states what he think is right, how things should be approached, and then let’s his people decide if they think that route is right. He’s out to lead and dome of the edges have fallen off him. That’s not to mean Rick isn’t a scary man. He even scared on of the hilltop men.

twds06e12x01The actual confrontation with Negan’s men proved tense and interesting. It was a legit precision strike. The show played with the score effectively to raise and lower the tension in the sequence. The group operated swiftly with a goal and plan in mind. However what made it difficult for some was the fact that they weren’t killing walkers, but men. They weren’t even giving them the chance to fight. It was designed to keep everyone quiet. So of course things had to eventually hit the fan.

Carol took the forefront this episode. She settled back into the domestic routine she’d been so long departed. We really got to dig down into her. What was interesting was seeing the relationship emerge for Carol. Before she ever got to really explore it and embrace a happy life. It made the sudden shift to realizing that of course peace couldn’t last made it all the more depressing. Carol desperately tried to cling to what could have been. If that meant one last bout of brutality, bring up her body count so be it. However, she saw what could be and wasn’t willing to give up and imposed that on Maggie. It seemed rather strange for Carol who was very much about everyone pulling their own previously.

Abraham finally came clean about not wanting to be with Rosita. It was reminiscent of the comics, however it was filled with more awkward Abraham phrases. Recently its felt like every other line that comes from his mouth is supposed to be a quote. At this point, I’m growing weary of Abraham’s lines and his increasing ennui. The biggest disappointment ended up being that they didn’t even make anything of the later moment between him and Sasha later on.

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"Not Tomorrow Yet" ups the action, while digging into some character psyches, as they go after Negan's men. It also had characters acting a bit bizarre.

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