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After a couple of weeks away from the Alexandria group we are finally checking back in with them properly to find out how they are dealing with the aftermath of the attack from the wolves. While at first glance that’s what it seemed like, there was so much more to the situation. Michonne and her group had managed to make it back and were explaining what happened, when Rick came back alone and screaming for the gates to be open. It was a hell of a way to open an episode, again throwing them right into action with a nice wrench in the safety of their situation.

There is no order within the walls. They are spiraling into a deep depression with the walkers surrounding them. Deanna is despondent. people are trying to loot food. If it wasn’t for a few good people like Rick and Spencer (despite their actual intentions) they would be in chaos. Instead, some sort of horror is being kept despite the grim outlook.

Ann Mahoney as Olivia - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The confrontation between Spencer and Deanna was really great to watch. For Deanna, Spencer’s words sparked something in her. She went into planning mode. How things could be once everything was resolved and the walkers were no longer surrounding them. She was seeing hope after that. She was embracing Dolor Hic Tibi Proderit Olim (Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You ). Only to find that Spencer had done the exact thing he was supposedly trying to prevent. We saw how slim Deanna’s hope was as she almost immediately crumbled.

All over Alexandria, everyone was coming to terms with what was happening outside their walls in their own way. It was interesting to see how some people rose to the occasion, others gave up, and worse others crumbled. I’m really enjoying seeing the characters who are stepping up and not letting this defeat them. Despite being inside the walls of Alexandria, there are still a number of people at unease because loved ones are still out there. That’s making some of the residents more reckless, including Maggie. However the reveal that she’s pregnant made her rethink actually going out to find him. While they didn’t say it it was because if she could at least stay alive, she could see Glenn again in their child. That was only possible if she survived. Everyone had those moments this episode. Everyone came to terms with what was going on and what needed to be done. Some faster than others.

This season has been particularly at keeping the action high and tension running all season, while not losing site of the characters. In the past there would be times where things would drop into a major lull. We would get full episodes of purely character moments that while were often interesting, didn’t keep things moving. This is not a plot driven show, but that does not mean that the show can be plotless. This season has had a very definite and pointed direction. It’s made the season feel more cohesive.

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"Now" Caught us up with what was going on inside Alexandria as everyone came to terms with what they needed to do with the problem outside their walls.

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