The Walking Dead “The Same Boat” Review


Most of the best episodes of The Walking Dead were ones that managed to strike a balance between various separated groups. That’s not to say that the episodes that focus on a single group were uniformly bad. Those episodes of The Walking Dead just don’t often tend to be outstanding episodes. So I won’t pretend that I wasn’t a bit nervous when I realized that we were going to spend the entire time with Maggie and Carol. Yes, it’s good to finally know what was going on with this entire situation, but it also wasn’t the most interesting of paths to follow.

twds06e13x02The point where this episode fell off was largely because of Carol. The Carol we are seeing in this episode is similar to the one we saw last episode, but it’s nothing like the Carol we’ve come to know. Carol is fierce. While yes, we saw that she was still manipulating her captors, but there was a true vulnerability to her. She wanted them to think of her as weak, but the lull and safety and desire for more has let some of that weakness sink back into her personality. She simply feels out of character. Her behavior has facilitated new situations for the show to explore, but it didn’t feel natural. She doesn’t even come off like she did at the beginning of the series. Yes, Carol is now ruled by her regret, but the problem is we aren’t seeing the trigger that has caused this shift in behavior.

The Walking Dead is the kind of show hat embraces the down moments It plays up the silence. It allows characters to talk. It tries to give them backstories. The problem that was exacerbated in this episode was that it tried to flesh out the other characters. However in the grand scheme of things, nothing important either character or plot wise happened. It simply lulled in the moment and progressed nothing or let us understand what was going on with the characters more.

There were some interesting moments throughout this episode. Some character moments that really built up the entire situation. Some moments of Maggie being fierce and Carol doing the same. It just was so littered with moments that were unnecessary. When you really think about it, we never needed to see this adventure. Yes it’s nice to provide context of where they were and what they went through, but it was dragged out much too long. It didn’t merit a full episode and because of that this episode ended up feeling blown out of proportion.

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"The Same Boat" ended up being a slow and drawn out episode that could have made up a few interesting segments, but instead filled an entire episode.

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