Timeless Season 2 Premiere “The War to End All Wars” Review


TIMELESS — “The War to End All Wars” Episode 201 — Pictured: (l-r) Paterson Joseph as Conor Mason, Claudia Doumit as Jiya, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, Sakina Jaffery as Denise Christopher — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

There are many shows that will leave you on edge after the conclusion of their first season, and Timeless was one of them. For the longest time we just did not know if this one was coming back and it would have been a shame if it did not. A show with so much potential, and didn’t quite end on a note that would have left us satisfied. Not with the conspiracy unfolding only getting deeper, and not with the developing bond between the members of this team.

Three big developments came from the first season that we highly anticipated this first episode addressing. One being what happens next with the wild card time traveler Garcia Flynn after being arrested, what comes next for Lucy after discovering her mom was part of Rittenhouse, and Rittenhouse has planned next for altering history to their whim. The meddling and corruption runs deep, and now is the point to push harder. With the second season premiere, they’ve shaken things up in a big way. Lucy is missing in action, and then you have Wyatt and Rufus who barely escape an explosion at Mason Industries. This whole thing is a game of chess, with a consistently changing status quo as well. The excitement I found here was what could come of this story when the true villain was revealed. Flynn was hardly close to the villain you hoped for him to be. Turning Rittenhouse into the genuine threat and taking that next step through being proactive was the best transition into this new chapter. By the end of this first episode, the stage was set for what we needed to prepare for this season and they are indeed going big.

The dynamic definitely changes, and while tensions between these characters wasn’t anything too new, it was the lack of hope shared that stands out most. Rufus under pressure to fix the Lifeboat after the explosion, Wyatt clearly showing how much he does care for Lucy, and everyone else trying to keep their bearings as well. Overall, you could see that Rittenhouse lit a new fire under in everyone involved. This had to be personal for more than just Lucy who has blood-ties to Rittenhouse, and now everyone else has a stronger motivation with such a bold attempt on their lives. With that said, putting Rufus and Wyatt together was a nice change. Things got serious concerning when the time called for it, but they also had their moments when there was time to have fun along the way. For Rufus in particular I enjoyed his part in this when he just can’t get the hang of what these missions demand. They require being able to stomach that line you have to cross here and there. Unlike the rest of the team, he just can’t be that guy.

TIMELESS — “The War to End All Wars” Episode 201 — Pictured: (l-r) Susanna Thompson as Carol, Johnathan Stanley as Mac, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Where Lucy’s adventure takes her was a good change of pace when we are seeing time travel from the other side. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply say that Rittenhouse changes history to suit their needs, this was our time to see their work habits in play. For Lucy, it was crazy to see who she was working with and the lack of reluctance on her part. With so much time passed between the events of last season and now, there are many questions to ask about how she got to this point. I mean was anything willing on her end? Did curiosity finally get the better of her? They had us trapped in the moment where we are just following this version of Lucy who you couldn’t quite figure out till it was time to show where her heart truly lied. That aside, her sense of wonder at this time period allowed us to enjoy this week’s time period. That will obviously be a thing and it does matter that the time is as important/appealing as the reason they go there.

Small developments like Jiya fighting her deteriorating condition from an ill-advised trip in the ship, and Connor Mason dealing with his lack of capability to help did matter. This was also time to prove that everyone matters in the grand scheme. We didn’t get around to the current situation with Flynn, but that is worth the wait when you know that his help will be needed. Everything after that comes down to how he responds to new role of importance given his recent treatment.

The big question has been asked, “How do you fight a plan that has been set in motion for years?” It’s not about the mystery anymore, though more so about bracing for what you know is coming. Timeless has evolved past that point where this is a simple game of cat and mouse. “The War to End All Wars” served as the right use of this first hour to set the foundation for what’s to come.

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