Timeless Season Finale Pt. 1 “The General” Review


TIMELESS — “The General” Episode 209 — Pictured: (l-r) Floyd Johns as Harriet’s Man, Christine Horn as Harriet Tubman — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Now we can truthfully say that no one is safe when even Christopher felt the sting of what happens when her personal life bleeds into her work life. The idea that they would go after the one person with a full family to protect proved that they were willing to take any measures to stay ahead. On the other hand, they made a strong point as to how far everyone else is willing to go in order to save one of their own. Exactly what we should be seeing at this stage in this war for the future.

When finding out that this week the team would take a trip to a critical time during the Civil War, that was the kind of move I wanted to see from Rittenhouse as they took bolder steps forward. Especially when the point in time they attack would deal a blow to the efforts of Harriet Tubman, also known as “The General”. The situation they were thrown into when arriving was a solid change since the damage to some extent was already done. In some cases I enjoy this approach more since fixing time then requires some thinking outside of the box and improvisation. Now the sleeper agent may have been a mystery to the team, but us knowing the identity of this person was also a noteworthy change. This created a welcomed perspective to the situation from the other side. It helped that we could also see where not everything was as it seemed with these sleeper agents.

Harriet Tubman was very different in contrast to some of the other notable figures this team has partnered with. Sure, not all of them were very friendly at first, but Tubman was quick with the attitude before introductions could even be made. I did have my own image of how they might portray her, but I’m glad that what we actually got was this badass woman who was ready to take the fight to the other side. It was a big plus that everything about her was empowering from start to finish.

The action came and went, yet it was still enjoyable for the intensity. I would say that it was everything leading up to the shoot-out that held more importance with that said.

TIMELESS — “The General” Episode 209 — Pictured: (l-r) Sakina Jaffery as Agent Denise Christopher, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Joseph Patterson as Connor Mason, Malcom Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn — (Photo by: Eddy Chen/NBC)

On the side, Jiya hounding for answers to her visions continued to be a slow-crawl for the most part. It made a big difference that at the very least she could converse with someone who actually understood what she was going through. That level of understanding that she was missing I would say hurt her story up to this point. The developments on her end was pretty cool all things considered. I mean I don’t know whether to call this a gift or a power.

What’s unraveling about Jessica unfortunately was pretty cliche. I mean all signs point to something off about her, including the photos, but it was too predictable that Wyatt would struggle with the idea that this is all too good to be true. Love is love, but so is the rules of time travel. In general, Wyatt is that character right now who is doing nothing but taking steps backwards. It all started with Jessica whether they think the end game matters more or not. By the end of this episode it was pretty easy for us to be able to see for ourselves that some things were not right before they really were not. The deception, false drama, all of it was just one red flag after the other.

Timeless “The General” was another standout episode this season. Harriet Tubman was a historical figure worth meeting for the fire that she brought to the table when it comes to this fight for the future. At the end of the day I think I was most thankful that the one subplot that could have dragged escalated at the right time. Their troubles have now evolved, and one character is not going to walk out of this twist the same.

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