Timeless “The Salem Witch Trials” Review


TIMELESS — “The Salem Witch Hunt” Episode 204 — Pictured: (l-r) Michael Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn — (Photo by: Patrick Wymore/NBC)

So far this season, the showrunners have not wasted this opportunity to take bolder steps forward through time. After the events of their last trip, this is that time where our trio should be bracing for conflict when they or Rittenhoouse make big changes. The consequences never seemed to matter too much before, though now you can’t ignore what affects the present and what has already been twisted in the past through these sleeper agents.

With Timeless being the kind of show it is, I’m not too surprised that we would finally find ourselves during the times of the Salem Witch Trials. It was also a matter of time before we found a time period where things got a bit serious in contrast to the past few episodes. Those places were fun for the adventure, this was intense from start to finish. Taking Flynn with them instead of Wyatt was the shake-up we needed. Wyatt hasn’t been the stiff we are used to him being, but Flynn is fun in general for his ability to go to those places that others aren’t able to. Not to mention he is the most outspoken and able to say the things that the others would be bold enough to. There was a much different dynamic that went on here and it was nice to know that everything was so unexpected. The lack of trust, the lack of restraint, it was refreshing. Even to see Lucy taking up some of the more reckless tendencies of those she has surrounded herself with.

The crazy thing about this plot was wondering just where things would go wrong that Lucy could find herself also being hanged. The truth hurts, but it was exactly what we needed to see when there are still forces to worry about. Salem itself was dangerous enough without outside forces working against them. That meant the consistent fear of Rittenhouse and their need to eliminate anyone who stands in their way currently. It made a big difference to see where they now draw the line in the sand between what they will and will not accept. I feel like what happened between Lucy and said person they encounter this time around shook things up for the best when we needed to know that things will not always end the same. That it won’t always be this team conveniently saving themselves because this person couldn’t go through with this or that person got in the way of that person.

TIMELESS — “The Salem Witch Hunt” Episode 204 — Pictured: Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

How Lucy engages with the accused women was heartbreaking. There are some things that never get easier, and that is when you see these women or someone brave enough to speak up for them. Honestly I don’t think we have ever run into a time period yet that stung as much as what Lucy and Rufus experienced here. This was exactly what it meant to journey somewhere that being different wasn’t welcomed or uncomfortable. It made sense that after three episodes we would also come back to Lucy’s turn to have a big interaction with said historical figure. Abi Franklin wasn’t a bad change from the other two we encountered either. She was undeniably brave like the others, but it was her situation that stood out most. Abi was memorable in a way that was admirable for someone who would have made a huge impact if anything were different for her.

The twist that is Wyatt finding out that Jessica lives was not at all as expected. I can’t say that I was all too pleased that they decided to do the whole love triangle thing. They remedied this when the truth is that when it comes to time travel you can’t have your cake and eat it too. What condition he finds his relationship with her caught me off guard when not everything was as straightforward as it could have gone. He of course fell back to his own bad habits, but it may just be what we need at a time where these time travelers can be so easily twisted by what they aren’t prepared for. His choices were risky as well when nothing is certain concerning changes to time that they have nothing to do with. There are red flags everywhere that hopefully next week’s episode presses upon.

Things take a darker turn for our time travelers as they find out that their trip to the Salem Witch Trials was not as they thought it would be. Not everything will be simply a race against Rittenhouse, and Timeless “The Salem Witch Trials” was the perfect example of that.

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