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Titans — Ep. 107 — Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Titans last week was a great reflection piece for Dick Grayson who was able to look at this new Robin and truly come to realize why it is that he parted ways with Batman/Bruce Wayne. It was another memorable episode to have like the Doom Patrol episode for the sake of comic accurate introductions. Now that this is passed, of we got to more pressing matters. Namely involving the search for Rachel’s birth mother. Just from the looks of the promo, this was an episode to anticipate if you were truly looking for dark and twisted. .

How we got to the reveal of Rachel’s birth mother alive was quite the way to open this episode. The Messenger is a creepy guy, but this interrogation they put him through showed you that it could only get worse when he was able to speak a little more freely without eyes over his shoulder. When he said that he wanted to speak to Rachel, that could have gone any number of ways. How they actually decided to execute this scene was terrifying since the guy went to some extremes just to make sure that she was listening to what he had to say. How this ended up leading to the prison break for Rachel’s mother was equally interesting. There was this build-up in suspense because we already know that something had to go wrong in order for them all to get captured. The only issue I could take was how they landed in this position. It was the most bone-headed decision made, but you also couldn’t argue with the tendency of the two who got them into that trouble.

To say that this team gets a whole lot more than they bargained for felt like an understatement. When you know what this organization does with their brand of experimentation, and the kind of individuals who landed into their laps, it is terrifying to think of what we are in store for when they’re forced to face their deepest fears and vulnerabilities. Being held captive by The Organization in a mysterious psychiatric facility. This was like something out of a horror movie. The evil doctor looming over each of their prisons, the way they held each one of them, and lets not forget the general atmosphere that simply felt devoid of hope.

Titans — Ep. 107 — Photo Credit: John Medland / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

While Gar and Dick were in their own sort of trouble, I was more terrified by the thought of what Kory was about to go through. The only scene we were actually able to brace for was what happened once they put her on the table to experiment on. That was a clip we saw before the first episode even came out. I didn’t know when that point would come, but I knew I was not going to be ready for it. As this episode came, I still wasn’t. It doesn’t get any worse than seeing someone cut open, and alive. For Dick, it was intriguing to see what would happen once waking up with his suit on. Everything from the table he was strapped to, the drugs they pumped him with, and how he was the only one outside of his cell was something to get your heart racing. If anyone was going to be hardest to crack, it would have been Dick. To show that even he could be broke to some degree made a big difference. Of course, with that said it isn’t entirely too hard when he is riddled with nightmares about who he is. The reality of the situation was the biggest shocker. You get so hung up on one thing that you overlook the concept of what’s possible and what is not. Not too much time was spent on Gar during that period, but I loved what came of the aftermath. These doctors pretty much got what they asked for for better or for worse.

The escape from this facility was all the darkness and grittiness you thought you couldn’t get any more of. At this point it is something that you would have gotten used to. I for the most part found it exciting to see what could come of these heroes taking the gloves off. Especially what would happen once a certain someone finally let go of who they used to be. With that said, some will argue that the escape was a little too convenient or easy. It did feel that way for the hand in it that Rachel had, but that still didn’t change the obstacles they each had to face in able to walk out of this in one piece.

Titans “Asylum” challenged this team in a way that they were far from prepared for. My only fear after this episode is the bold move to break your toys so soon in the first season, but I’m still open to what the rest of these episodes have in store when they’ve decided it is time to put them back together.

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