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Titans Ep. 108 — Photo Credit: John Medland / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I still can’t get over how shaken the trip to the asylum was for me, and for this team. We expected some darkness from this show, but not at all like that. There was a lot of anticipation for this week’s Titans since we are not only getting a new live-action debut for a hero, we are also testing the waters for what is defined as a team for these characters.

I must say that I was very taken back by the way that this team separated from Dick. The promo from this episode would have led everyone to believe that there was some sort of falling out after the events of the Asylum. As the episode began it was easy to see what was actually the case. I appreciated that they sidestepped around what could have been unnecessary drama to get a character from point A to B. For Dick’s growth, it would have been taking two steps back if we got anything different from what we did. The level of understanding from everyone as to how to move forward was sincere. Left just enough room for a return that you knew had to happen again soon. We only have three more episodes left in the season. Anything too big would be a bold move when we can’t really see the finish line yet for the main plot.

The introduction of Donna Troy was another refreshing change of pacing from what we have gotten from the other Titans. A great contrast from the other appearances made by notable names. I will admit that this was also another character who I was not familiar with before now. I’ve heard of Donna Troy, and I’ve seen plenty of books that she was cast in, but I never found that time to read any of those books which made this a new encounter with the character. How she fit into this world was great considering there are comparisons you can draw about the way she was raised and how Dick was raised. Obviously some things were changed up to assure that she fit with this adaptation specifically, but nothing that you would have cared for. Meeting someone with an ordinary job as well didn’t hurt either. What she was able to bring out in Dick by exposing him to her world easily made you forget some of the troubles he was currently going through. She sees through him more than most, and has the added appeal of not letting him get away with his habits. You could say the same about Kory, but she doesn’t know herself to talk to someone else about the kind of person they are.

How this led to an understanding of Kory’s mission on Earth was quite convenient, but there was no better person that Dick or anyone has a connection to who could translate Kory’s language. I was a little more surprised that this specifically wasn’t a big focus for her story. Probably for the best since she had more to offer on a personal level than to simply be the means to an end.

Titans — Ep. 108 — Photo Credit: Christos Kalohordis / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

As for the rest of the team, I was only thrown off a bit by the distance between them. Clearly Rachel’s mother coming back would mean that she was going to spend more time with her, but that only left Gar with Kory. Those two don’t really match so well. They had a moment or two, but it was nothing that really stood out in contrast to other things unfolding. Such things as Rachel getting some answers about what happened after she was born. Then you had Kory being the one to suffer from her time in the Asylum. After what everyone had been through, I would have found it unbelievable if they were all able to shake it off. For Kory, you don’t simply get over being cut open. How that messed with her head worked for the fact that we also needed to make some progress towards her memories coming back. Where that led to by the end of this episode was worth the wait. Again, only three episodes to begin wrapping up storylines.

The troubles that the team also faced along the way wasn’t bad in execution either. Did feel like action for the sake of it, but there was no denying that the world should still be turning around them. No amount of character development or introductions could overshadow the necessity in world-building.

Titans “Donna Troy” was another memorable episode. One that like the others could have easily derailed the story for the chance at introducing someone new, but found numerous ways for the plot to take off in big ways. We are on our way to something big for this team that should hopefully bring them a little closer. This is the time to make sure that these characters have less reason to get in the way of themselves.

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