Titans “Doom Patrol” Review


Last week was a critical episode for the first season of Titans. It wasn’t a true origin for the team, but it was the legitimate beginning of one. This next episode seemed to be a test of how much some of these characters value each other in such a short amount of time. Especially when getting Rachel back will involve going through the Doom Patrol. I don’t know too much about this team, but I do understand where everyone else is getting excited for their first live-action introduction. One that will help ease fans into their own upcoming show.

Getting a bigger episode for Gar was nice in contrast to most adaptations of Titans or Teen Titans. I mean, how often will you get the opportunity to see Gar before he became the actual Beast Boy we know? Not that he isn’t in this case, but this is a version of Gar that is still for the most part sheltered from a lot of things. Pairing him off with Rachel was probably the best thing that you could do for both characters. Unlike Dick and Kory, there wasn’t any baggage that came with Gar. He was just someone living day-to-day and for the most part comfortable in his own skin. That was the kind of person who Rachel needed to be exposed to. Someone who couldn’t judge, and could fully accept what she is and what she is becoming. As a whole, that is what makes the introduction of Doom Patrol so great for Titans. Overall, this was probably the most innocent experience a lot of these characters have had in a good while, all season in fact, and that was a breath of fresh air. You make these moments count when it matters most, and everything else can be overlooked just a bit longer.

Putting Dick and Kory together felt more fitting than anything else. Seeing how these two characters are more serious and blunt about their feelings, it was wise to allow them to air out some things that they probably wouldn’t say in polite company. While I thought there might be more arguing between them, it worked that things that wouldn’t have changed if left alone were put on blast to either recognize or ignore.

As a first exposure to Doom Patrol, I have to say there was everything to love about them from start to finish. It always drove me crazy that I never found the time to invest in getting to know them better, because I always say that my favorite teams and groups in comics are those who are obscure. There was only a few things about this team that I was aware of beforehand. One was the roster for this group, then there was the atmosphere around them, and then there was the darkness of their leader. I like that all of this was addressed fully in this episode. We got to know each one of them, what happened to them, and how they became who they are now. The sense of wonder and acceptance from Rachel made a big difference in this as well. Not to mention seeing the work that they do in their mansion which helped us further understand what defines this group at the core. The suspense for us getting to know the Chief was worth the wait when we could see what separates him from the rest of these misfits. He has ambition, good intentions with his experiments, yet we could also see where the line could be drawn for him between scientist and mad scientist.

Where the plot thickened with Rachel’s interactions with Chief was certainly a high point for this episode. While I knew there wasn’t something to trust about him, it was another thing to see exactly why that was. What he brought out in Rachel was terrifying, but he was an excellent obstacle thrown in to challenge Rachel’s sense of control.

By the end of this episode I wanted to see more of Doom Patrol, and that made this a smart move by DC. Obviously that is probably it for their involvement in this season. However, leaving a viewer with that feeling is a good impression to shoot for. Sure, this may also be a show about Titans, but there’s no overlooking the kind of world-building that opens us up to the potentials of the streaming service. Now we know that any one of these shows could crossover. It isn’t necessary, though it is at the same time good to know where some of these stories will stand.

Titans “Doom Patrol” was a thrilling introduction to the misfit family, Doom Patrol. Robotman, Negative Man, Elastigirl, and even Chief leave you with high hopes for what the future has in store for them in the DC Universe service. To top it all off, it goes without saying how smooth this was as a crossover that it really got us from one point to the next with these characters and plot.

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