Titans “Hank and Dawn” Review


I was a bit heartbroken at the realization of what kind of episode this week was going to be. Not because I don’t like Hank and Dawn, bother very awesome characters. However, that doesn’t change the anticipation that is being drawn out for what has happened after Kory remembers exactly who she is and what she has been sent to Earth to do. I can only give them credit that they aren’t trying to leave this as a loose end that they didn’t get back to before the first season ends.

Between Hank Hall and Dawn Granger, it was definitely Hank’s origin story that I was bracing for. You don’t turn out the way he is now without going through some serious troubles. I wasn’t expecting to feel any sympathy for the guy, but there was no denying the need to figure out who hurt him. They were pretty quick to jump into the point where things began to go wrong for the guy. Processing the kind of monstrous act he guarded his brother from was one hell of a bomb to drop on our laps. When they spoke of loss, it worked to have someone else thrown into Hank’s orbit that would make sense of the kind of interactions he has with others. Having this little brother in Don went a long way to wards bringing out a side in Hank that you could only also see from Dawn. It was very endearing to watch the way that these two would look out for each other. Especially when one doesn’t necessarily have to ask the other for help. That kind of brotherly bond you don’t get enough of in superhero stories.

The first introduction to Hawk and Dove was interesting mostly since we were now seeing that the duo didn’t begin with Hank and Dawn together. The costumes were fitting for a started, and at the same time fitting for the point in Hank and Don’s lives where they could put costumes like that together.

Dawn’s story began at a very different point in time in contrast to Hank. I was caught off guard by how quickly I was almost brought to tears because we were also thrown straight into the troubles of her life. No one is ever prepared to hear the kind of situation that someone like her can go through growing up. It can without a doubt make you stronger, but there’s no fooling yourself that you don’t lose something along the way. Where her loss takes place was a horrible convenience. I mean you were prepared for one thing based on her story, and then found herself hit where it hurt the most by forces that you couldn’t have comprehended in the moment.

It was heartwarming to see Hank and Dawn first finding their way to each other. There was undeniably heartbreak considering what tragedies they were both trying to overcome, but it mattered a lot that they had each other to lean on during that time. What I found refreshing the most was the idea that this was a time where Hank was also in better control of himself. If you can even forget for a second that he isn’t an angry asshole, they are doing their job right. That was plenty of time to also thrust these two into their first mission together as a vigilante duo. Their first target hit close to home, and it was a chilling experience for the two of them. You couldn’t have asked for any better or worse that this turned out for them.

Back in the present, it was a tough pill to swallow as well for Hank who had a lot to deal with as Dawn remained unresponsive. She was of course going to wake up, though not without giving him something to think about as he sat there fearing for the worst. The crazy thing is where their story is supposedly heading next. That is going to be a shocker since the next reunion with Dick may not be as welcoming all things considered.

Titans “Hank and Dawn” was not a story for the faint of heart. You look for heroes/vigilantes born out of tragedy, and their story is as tragic as it gets. If you didn’t know what made them tick, or what made them so violent, now you know. I just hope that this episode spent away from the main storyline doesn’t cause for any rushing with two episodes left in the first season.

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