Titans “Jason Todd” Review


Titans “Together” was everything you hoped for it to be serving as the episode where this team would actually begin to act as a team. Not that there wasn’t anything to get hyped for before, but now is the best time to anticipate what comes next when there is nothing between this team but the walls they put up themselves. Well that and one Jason Todd who has come to make a visit. He may have saved the day, but it seems like he has his own brand of trouble to bring along with him in the process.

Their first interaction here was pretty humorous. You have this energetic kid who really wants to meet the Robin who came before him, and then you have Dick who is so withdrawn because he is never ready to be embraced like that. You could see how fast those walls build back up and there was no telling what would happen once that developed.I had my expectations that would come once Dick met Jason, and I would say that most of those expectations were met quick. I mean, for as many questions as you probably had about Jason’s relationship with Bruce, so did Dick with just as many if not more. And he was definitely asking all the right questions as well. What makes you want to be Robin? How did Bruce pick you up? Why wouldn’t you want to be your own hero? Just to name a few and the answers did indeed help Dick to reexamine the truth behind their falling out.

From just the beginning parts of this episode you could see where things could go wrong in this introduction to Jason. We all know things were going to go wrong, but it was a matter of when. The build-up to that point was steady though you knew it was coming. If it wasn’t the idea of being replaced, then it was seeing someone falling into the same supposed trap of being Robin, and then there was the shroud of mystery to why Jason is really there in the first place. I think everyone was on the same page that this wasn’t an approved mission.

I gotta say, I wasn’t really prepared for another flashback into Dick’s past. I didn’t have a problem with it before, but certainly wasn’t pining for it either. Not that it wasn’t a bad piece of information that they dropped on our laps about what got Dick from point A to Bruce Wayne. To put it simply, it was good to see him when there was just a little less need to rebel against having a new guardian. Things got even better once we could see a bit more of the circus back then, and the impact that it would have on Dick now to see that a serial killer is targeting performers from Dick’s surrogate circus family. As for the other, that one was something to brace for when finally understanding that darkness he has been trying to escape. One flashback gave a lot of importance to the next once the dots were connected. After that, you could see exactly what would drive Dick to where he would end up once confronting the guys who may have had a hand in his parent’s death as well. Getting to that point was still nice since there were moments for Dick where you could see him in more of a friendly mood in contrast to before. That was our first taste of seeing Dick more like the Dick we are familiar with, and hopefully not the last by the end of this first season.

Up to this point, I had my concerns about Curran Walters being Jason Todd. Something about the pictures and what not just wasn’t giving me the Jason Todd vibes. Like most cases, I was happy to be proven wrong on the casting. He captured everything that we were supposed to see in a young Robin who was feeling like he was on top of the world. When his time came to show where this Robin went wrong, nothing was held back. Great action, a lack of remorse, and a terrifying outlook on what has unfolded that begged for more.

It also goes without saying that the change in attire for Starfire was very good. An appealing shade of purple, and something more fitting to her style that mixes casual with distinguished.

Titans “Jason Todd” took huge steps in creating the version of Dick Grayson that we hope to see eventually. He got a good look at himself in the mirror, and the form that took was Jason Todd for better or for worse. This was some of the best writing for his character all season when there was no barrier keeping him from being blunt and open about his experiences. Next week looks like another episode that should get the blood pumping when the team finds themselves a bit outmatched by an enemy they don’t fully understand yet.

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