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Talk about broken. If you thought things were tough for Rachel and Dick, you got a reality check when it came to the relationship of Hank and Dawn. A discovery not made easy to absorb once they meet the Nuclear Family. I mean, where do you go from there? Lick your wounds? Look for revenge? Get back to the job you promised you would do? What happens this week should say a lot about our soon to be heroes. Particularly if the episode is to be named “Origins”.

Color me shocked when it was actually going to be Kory who saved Rachel from the Nuclear Family. At a point I was really looking forward to seeing what would happen once Dick caught up to this family after what they did to Dawn, but at the same time it was hard to ignore what kind of show this was. A show with only ten episodes is one where you want to be quick with the pacing. There has to be consistent progress, and without too many obstacles. With that said, I loved the way Kory was portrayed in this episode. With every bit more that she learns about herself there is this rise in confidence and power that she did not have when she first woke up. They wasted little time creating that contrast in guardianship between herself and Dick. To even take things a step further and draw a comparison was great for their dynamic. What Dick lacks in is an understanding of things beyond comprehension. Something that comes easier for Rachel and Kory who represent the unexplainable right now.

Things only got a bit predictable when it came to the coven. It didn’t matter how things began once Rachel and Kory arrived at that church. You pretty much already had an idea of how things would end just based on the trailer. So the only question was how we would get from point A to point B for Rachel. That made these scenes worthwhile since we were reaching that point where there could be a breaking point. It goes without saying that the effect they use for Rachel is impressive. She may not be someone who can use her powers whenever she wants to, but they make it count when she does. Whether it is what goes boom or the reactions from everyone else, the atmosphere quickly changes once her eyes go dark.

Dick catching up with Rachel was a roller coaster of emotions. I have to say that I felt more of ease with Dick when faced with this new challenge. Caring for someone else, caring what someone else thinks of him. Slowly we begin to lose that image we initially had of a Dick who was simply edgy and dark. Even to have an interaction with Kory that wasn’t intense was a breath of fresh air compared to how he tends to leave things with others.

Titans Ep. 104–Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie / ©2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

When this episode was titled “Origins”, I was half-expecting there to be a stronger focus placed on the team forming. hat was the case to an extent, but what they really meant was us getting to know Dick after the moments where his parents died. As someone who has read his story numerous times, it was nothing too knew just knowing what happened to him, but it was the key differences for this version which set things apart. The small liberties they took for this version of Dick at a younger age made sense of the person he is now. The uncanny ability to be standoff-ish, cold. Everything about his upbringing with Bruce Wayne was definitely unorthodox. It was creative how they even pulled this off without once giving us a face to put to Bruce. That aside, I will give credit to the writers here that dealing with a kid in the mindset of Dick wasn’t overly irritating. There was no overlooking the feeling of being wary that the rebellious kid would be too much of a cliche.

What we got out of Gar Logan this episode was again pretty small, but we could at least begin to see where his path could cross with the others. I’m fine with waiting for now since Gar is also one of those characters from this cast who you want them to do right by. Especially when you are trying to get past the fact that his skin is so pale while his hair is so wildly green.

Titans “Origins” knocked out two birds with one stone as big steps are taken towards this team forming, while also tackling the origins of Dick following his adoption by Bruce Wayne. Right now pacing and momentum are this show’s best friend. The minute they forget that will be when they run into trouble with this story.

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