Titans Series Premiere “Titans” Review


This right here has probably been the most controversial comic book tv series of the year. On one hand you have those who are nothing but hyped for this series, while others find it the center of ridicule for the approach. I have leaned towards hyped, because to be one of those ridiculing this series comes with some clone-minded problems. Especially when you’re harassing an actress to the point where she quits social media. Not cool. I have my own reservations about Titans, but I found myself very open to what this could become. It is unfortunate how one too many critics and viewers have already talked themselves into hating this before it premiered.

From the start of this premiere they jumped into the story of Raven. One which challenges everything you know about her considering the approach towards horror when it comes to her powers and the source. There was almost a Carrie-like vibe that I got from the way her life is written. I might even dare to say her powers work more like the version of Enchantress we should have gotten in the SS movie. Not bad, but also not expected. She has a mother-figure, a home, and something close enough to a normal life. As normal as it gets for what she can do and the way she is treated. I was shocked that diving deeper into the exploration of her powers was our first taste of the kind of violence this series had to offer. That quickly set this apart from the other superhero shows out there. What I honestly couldn’t fight about this origin for Raven is that I truthfully do not know too much about it. At least not what her life was like before actually becoming who we are all familiar with. The people who came after Raven were also something new for me. They drew a good line in the sand between those who want to open the gate and those who would rather see it closed. Clearly there was her time with her own people that we know of from the books, but that clearly wasn’t the path they were ready to take here. They wanted something more grounded that would put Raven in the direction of Dick.

Robin’s introduction was something I looked forward to since I have never been introduced to this version of him. Just knowing that this was Dick before he joined the Titans was pretty cool to learn since we don’t normally get to know outside of the comics what truly pushed him from Batman’s side to on his own. I mean it makes sense that he would try to have a normal life on the side, even as a detective. That action scene that I still feel they could have held off of a bit for us to be surprised, made more sense of his situation simply from the reaction he was given upon springing into action. When people look at Robin, they expect Batman primarily. This was the time to break from that expectation and lack of distinction. Brenton Thwaites did very well in this role, and he was one of the main reasons I wanted to give this a shot aside from a few other familiar actors involved.

How Dick and Raven connected was a bit predictable once you got to know both of them, but it was still at the same time engaging to have someone who could see through the mask that Dick was wearing. When someone gets that close to you, its hard to ignore the reasons why. Given her a relatable problem as well made it more difficult to go in different directions.

I was looking forward to finding out just what version of Starfire we were getting here. I admit I was taken back by the costume at first for promotional reasons, but this is the version we need. One that is more serious and less bubbly. I have always said it that it bugs me how Cyborg is the only one who really evolved, the others have been written into circles, Starfire in particular who is older than most. Someone needs to be bold and toughen her up. You can always do that without the naive alien girl approach to integrating on Earth. Her story here was very chilling for the mystery surrounding her arrival and stay on Earth. We knew as much as she did about her situation which led to an anything goes kind of atmosphere. It helped that much about the life she was living had nothing to even do with being what she dressed like. She had a mission, and that seemed to make her tick more than anything personal that remained in question.

The little bit with Beast Boy at the end wasn’t a bad introduction for Gar. What he got himself up to was something you expect from a goofball who hasn’t really been given a purpose yet.

This Titans series premiere gives me hope for what the rest of the season has to offer. These characters may not fully be what everyone wanted from Titans, but that’s not to say that they aren’t written very well for the way they exist in this version of the DC Universe.

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