The Tomorrow People: “Son of Man” Review


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Turns out that Jed knew that the paranormal powers of a tomorrow person would wear off, but not before Jed was able to get to his brother. In fact, they gave out as he was breaking in to Ultra to get Roger. Once there, Roger pleaded with Jed for him to kill him. It was a batle of numbers. Either Jed kills one person, his brother or all humans will die. Jed eventually gave the shot and the machine stopped it’s blue whirring. That was just as Stephen arrived able to say goodbye to his father as he slowly bled out. Roger urged Stephen to leave and he did leaving Jed alone with the founder. As Roger’s final action he teleported Jed out. It was really great to see Jed entirely broken up by the situation. he just lost his own brother his entire world.

Son Of ManStephen is broken up at the idea that Jed killed Stephen. It does seem that while he distraught that he somehow understands that Jed wasn’t doing it out of spite, but because he thought it would stop the machine. I’m glad that after all this development and coming in seeing a crying Jed made it clear that Jed didn’t take the shot because he wanted to. Even still, he’s angry about the situation that the Founder put them in and he’s now determined to make him weaponized just like John was. John and the others were against this idea, but Stephen pushed into John’s mind and found out the information he needed to know.

After the time that John spent with Astrid and that tender moment they shared, this week’s time with Cara felt like a step backwards. Thankfully we didn’t get too much of this.

Back at Ultra, The Founder is still messing with things and trying to drive a wedge between Russell and the remaining tomorrow people. Russell is being tasked with bringing in Cara. What exactly he wants to do with her is unclear, but it can’t be good. On their way down they realize that Natalie and Russell were leading a paranormal kill squad. All the men on that squad were tomorrow people that could kill in the same way that John could. They attack Cara, but Russell interrupts it before Cara can get away.

Jed is really breaking down. He’s watching old videos of John. Jed had given John his family pocket knife and it turns out that John kept it. He really sees John as his son. And for a moment there was a really great moment of the two men just hugging it out. Jed doesn’t look down on John for being human or having been a tomorrow person. Jed simply sees John as someone that he loves like his own.

As Stephen had the gene therapy that would allow for him to kill, Cara teleported in to stop Stephen. Not because she thought it was wrong for him to do it at this point. She was there to voice her belief in him that he was the one who would save them all.

When the group was having a pow wow about what to do, Russell joined Cara, Stephen, Astrid and John. Stephen immediately attacked Russell. You can see how remorseful and misguided Russell feels. Even still he did wrong, knowingly and selfishly, so he deserves the disdain and mistrust he’s now receiving. Cara is a bit nicer and called Stephen off Russell citing that he helped her escape. Russell also came off as a bit condescending as he was willing to not include Astrid and John because they no longer had powers. But Astrid made the most important point, Astrid and John are the ones who are actually fighting for their lives.

The plan is to fight their way into Ultra. Cara and Russell take on the kill squad with the help of John with a rifle on a building. Together they were able to take them out and get into the building. Cara went after the Founder who promptly took her out. Russell was met with Natalie who had been enhanced. Natalie could care less about the millions of people who would die, which is odd. Sure there seem to be a decent number of tomorrow people, but there aren’t that many. Not to mention she’d be taking genocide onto her resume.

On top of the building as the freeze cloud made it’s way toward John and Astrid, she began to panic. Astrid was terrified of dying. But John took the time to express what he loved about being human and that was Astrid. As the freeze bubble came their way, they kissed, and stayed there.

Stephen went directly to the machine. Of course, the Founder tried to interfere. That resulted in a rather interesting fight sequence between the two. Stephen managed to manipulate the machine and stop the freeze bubble. Not only that but he destroyed the machine taking in the power that his father had put into the machine. But as he made his way outside to reunite with everyone Cara was shot by Natalie. Stephen watched Cara die and in his rage, Stephen managed to turn back time and save Cara’s life.

Two weeks later, while Astrid was on a date with John it was interrupted by Jed. Apparently Jed has been working on finding a way to work with paranormal powers still. Jed isn’t trying to get powers for himself any more. Instead he was trying to give John his powers back. And he intended to use Roger’s DNA and blood. Turns out that Jed added a bit of a mind wipe when he brought John back.

Since the machine was destroyed, breakouts began flocking to the lair. They needed guidance. They were looking for their leader. And they decided to take over the abandoned Ultra. The tomorrow people are stepping into a new era. But with so many people to guide, there’s bound to be a lot to discover and keep in check.

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The Tomorrow People delivered a solid finale in "Son of Man" that provided both closure and in intriguing set up if the show is allowed to continue.

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