Top 10 Biggest Losers WWE Draft 2016



Braun Strowman / Wyatt Family

  • Breaking up the Wyatt might prove to be a mistake but the one that will suffer most is Strowman
  • Does not appear to be great on the mic, Not a great wrestler, his issues are sure to show more now.
  • Vince loves big man and rumors said vince wanted him to be undertakers opponent at wrestlemania last year.
  • As for the rest of the Wyatts we have Bray and Rowen but no mention of Luke at all.
  • When they broke them up the first time everyone kind of floundered. Rowen fell to the bottom of the card and Luke’s push did not last very long and was uneventful even as the INC Champ.


  • As far as depth goes Smackdown has none.
  • No real mid carders
  • No real womans division ( Eva Marie, Two NXT Unprovens) Becky Lynch left alone with Natalya
  • Left feeling like the B show still
  • No titles really since we all know Dean is losing it at Battle Grounds

The Cruiserweight Division – Kalisto

  • It being on Raw without Daniel Bryon and Mauro
  • Lack of Cruisier weights on the show ( Neville, Woods, Sin Cara)
  • Kalisto who is the best cruiserweight is on Smackdown
  • Danger of being trapped as Cruiserweights since in the past Cruiserweights have been over looked.
  • Finn Balor better not fall to the Cruiserweights
  • Lets hope that they grab a lot of the men in the CWC

Kevin-Owens-RawKevin Owens

  • Someone everyone expected to be at the top of the draft fell all the way down to the 18th pick
  • The best heel in the company and one of the best workers they made Owens look like an idiot that night.
  • Chokeslamed by Kane added insult to injury
  • Going to the staked Raw KO stays in the middle of the card with his Zayn rivalry that we thought was going to be over at Battleground
  • He took to twitter and voiced his anger
  • Could have benefited being on smackdown
  • Like Cesaro Management does not see a future with Kevin Owens being high on the card since Zayne was drafted 8 picks ahead of him


  • Cesaro who is one of the best workers in the company went in the 6th round at pick 28 to Raw and he seemed legit upset about it in the passionate promo he cut. Saying he wanted to be on the Wrestling show not Raw.
  • Came off extremely weak when two men who are injured go before him. Even Baron Corbin and the Big Show went before him.
  • Also two men who are injured in both Randy Orton and Neville.
  • Wrestling is fake and I know that but what is the story for this? Who does it benefit?
  • WWE management has never fully invested in Cesaro and being drafted to Raw which is stacked with talent shows that he will fall once again to the lower mid-card.
  • Not really sure what else he can do to prove himself in WWE. Feel they are just wasting away his career.
  • Will he be Jobing to Strowman or Reigns going forward?

NXT Woman’s Division

  • You took away three woman in Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss and Carmella who could have all stood in the running for the Womans Championship.
  • Now you leave a division with Aska and Bayley but no real third woman to contend. Took away the two biggest heels.
  • Now we just have Aska vs Bayley over and over again because not one woman down there right now can compete with Aska.


  • Completely shocked WWE fans
  • Six NXT stars were drafted and not one was former NXT Women’s Champion, Bayley.
  • She should have been called up a long time ago and not being drafted High makes her look week
  • She may be the Surprise team make for Sasha Banks but no explanation for not drafting her feels odd
  • As a NXT fan seeing other woman like Nia Jax, Dana Brookes, Eva Marie, Summer Rae and Alicia Fox go before her just boggles the mind.


  • We don’t know what the rules are
  • Will the champs go from show to show?
  • Introducing a new Tag Team, Woman and Heavyweight title could be a huge mistake
  • Make smack down titles feel less important
  • Bring back the Cruiserweight, Cruiserweight Tag Team, European, TV Championship

The Tag Divisions

  • Breaking up Factions like the Wyatts and the Club
  • Not enough depth on either show to contend for two possible titles
  • Raw – (New Day, The Club, Enzo & Cass) Smackdown – (American Alpha, The Usos, Vaudevillians)
  • After that we have (Assension, Breezango, Shining Stars, Golden Truth, Dudley Boys) Split between brands.
  • Not enough top Tier talent on both shows.

1200Enzo & Cass & Carmella

  • Dropped to pick 20 behind Baron Corbin
  • Are on a show with the New Day who are just as over Baby Faces
  • Carmella who is a decent wrestler but better on the mic with Enzo & Cass got called up to Smackdown, but Enzo and Big Cass are headed to Raw.
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