Top 5 Best Stories in Video Games 2013 (so far…)


*DISCLAIMER: This is a list made of games that I’ve played.*

A lot of gamers (like myself) love to play games for the sake of the story because games are able to tell some of the most amazing and memorable stories and well, that’s what we play them for. But sometimes, it’s hard to decide which game has the best stories since so many factors come into account when considering the best story. Here’s my top 5 list for best stories in video games until the month of September.

#5. Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Some might wonder why Splinter Cell is even on this list. Usually RPGs are the ones with the best story. Well sometimes, action games can have a decent story. In the case of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, It’s story from a bird’s eye view is like any other action/stealth game, Stop the bad guys from doing whatever bad stuff they want to do but Splinter Cell conveys this story in a gripping manner concentrating on the action while still keeping the gameplay ALL about stealth. Some parts of the plot might be predictable but Splinter Cell brings them out in a way that you’ll still be interested in seeing how things go down.

#4. Metro Last Light

Explore the dark, crowded and grim environments of Russia’s famous underground metro system after years of nuclear war that rendered the surface all but uninhabitable. Metro Last Light is the successor to Metro 2033. The graphics might not be the most impressive one out there but Metro sure packs a punch when it comes to story. Brilliant voice acting and tense moments is what makes Metro a fun game to play. The story is well told based off Russian writer, Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Novel. This game will let you witness the dark and unforgiving reality of the post apocalyptic era while keeping the intense and “on-your-toes” feel. Definitely one of the much better stories in video games out there.

#3. Tomb Raider

It was a tough decision putting one of the BEST stories I’ve played in the number 3 spot in this list. Tomb Raider was a game that was near perfection. It had breath-taking environments, a strong and inspiring main character (not to mention that she looks awesome too), A great physics engine that makes movements as real as they can be and above all that, An epic, tense and unforgettable journey of a young women who set out to be an explorer and came out as a Survivor towards the end. I never really played any of the tomb raider games before this one and boy, I’m glad I played this one. Lara is no hero in the story, she’s like you and me, a normal human being with goals and ambitions. The fact that she’s so .. Normal and human in every sense of the word really makes players emotionally invested into the game a great deal. If you want adventure and a gripping story until the very end, you MUST get Tomb Raider

#2.  Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Putting this ahead of Tomb Raider (one of my all-time favorite games) was hard because they’re both on equal footing when it comes to story. But the reason that Brothers wins the number 2 spot is because it didn’t need fancy graphics. It didn’t even need any decent voice acting to show players what it wanted. That ability to make players feel what the characters are feeling and doing so without saying any words for that matter is something very special. The only way a game can make you do that is if it made you 100% emotionally invested into the game and that’s what Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons does. It’s a short adventure, but one will be talked about for a  long time.

#1. Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite. One of the best games I’ve played of all time. It had everything. Voice acting that will make you feel like you’re watching a movie where you can control the players. A classic setting with a twist. A set of the most likeable characters although it might not seem that way at first, and most importantly. A story that WILL drop your jaw. MULTIPLE TIMES. Players will love bioshock because it has all the elements of an action game that keeps you right in the middle of the fight whether it’s firing vigor from your hands, using your handgun or gliding through railings scattered all over Columbia. The environment is just an absolute pleasure to witness especially when accompanied but the life-like animated art style. The characters will take you through a series of events that will be confusing at first, but memorable in the end. This game will blow you away. Period.

So this is the list of stories from video games in 2013 that I think deserve to be here. Any gamer that loves a good story should definitely check out these games if they haven’t played them already. What was your favorite story from a video game? Leave a comment!

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