American Horror Story: Coven Episode 5 Recap/Review


Welcome to the 5th episode of The Walking Dead American Horror Story: Coven! This episode is titled “Burn, Witch. Burn!” Quite the ominous title! We begin with a luxurious masquerade dance at Madame LaLaurie’s estate. It’s set of course in 1833 in New Orleans on All Hallows’ Eve. The Madame introduces her eldest daughter, Borquita (Jennifer Lynn Warren), to a potential suitor named Jacques. He is the son of the governor of Louisiana. They seem to take a liking to each other but she must first test him. She decides to have him walk through her Chamber of Horrors. He accepts so long as Borquita is with him. They enter the dimly lit hall and has him stick his hand in the first bowl. He chuckles that it’s peeled grapes. The Madame startles him when she fully removes the lid to reveal real eyeballs. Which they then show her personally removing them from her slaves. They move to the next bowl where she describes the contents in a gruesome manner. Unsure yet bravely, he slides his hand into the bowl and guesses sausages. The Madame once more removes the lid to reveal intestines. Generously provided by her tortured slaves of course! The young man flees in terror as she proclaims that he is not man enough for her daughter. In the next scene, the LaLaurie girls are in a bedroom and Borquita claims that they will not find husbands with their mother around. She suggest a possible murder of their mother when the Madame walks in and interrupts their meeting. She orders them to return to the party. The Madame encounters her husband, Louis LaLaurie (Scott Michael Jefferson), on her way back and commands him to bring up Bastien (Ameer Baraka, The Minotaur) and two other strong slaves. After the party, Borquita is fast asleep when Bastien tears her out of her bed and drags her into the torture chamber. He puts her in a cage where she struggles to keep the door from closing. The Madame suggests breaking her leg if necessary. He does and manages to close the gate. Marie Jeanne LaLaurie (Ashlynn Ross) claims that it was just talk. They were not going to do anything. The Madame has decided that they are to stay there until the next Hallows Eve and Borquita will receive the gift of shit in her mouth for Christmas.


“Better luck next year, chump!”

-Back to Present Day-

Delphine is opening the door once more to encounter 3 zombies at the front door. She once more drops the bowl and closes the door. She proclaims that all hell has been unleashed on them.

-Cue in the creepy intro!-

Fiona is at the bar awaiting the return of her daughter when she hears Cordelia’s screams resonating throughout the bar. She hurries over to her daughter and demands to see her face. While shouting for someone to call 911, she sees the mysterious hooded figure exit the bar. She finally sees her daughters face and joins in on the screaming. At the dully lit and somewhat rundown looking hospital, Fiona receives word that Cordelia will be blind. Fiona proceeds to react as though she were told that her daughter was dead. Once she is calm, she returns to her seat and weeps.

The girls at the Academy are trying to figure out what is going on outside. Nan says they are dead because she can’t hear them. Zoe begins to take control of the situation and orders everyone to move away from the windows. She tires Fiona’s phone but she is not answering. As she continues to close the curtains and lock the doors, Luke decides to speak to the creatures and goes outside. He believes they are neighborhood kids simply playing a prank. Insert shot of Marie Laveau hovering by fire here. He approaches the zombies and tells them to leave, that they have successfully scared the girls. Two random guys dressed as zombies walk in and through the herd admiring the “prosthetics” and make-up. Luke starts to realize that something is wrong. The zombies are completely immobile. Marie continues to float and says “Begin.” The zombie are now animated and attack their admirers, by tearing them apart. Luke is simply stabbed in the back (Don’t want to ruin that pretty face now!).


“I’m too pretty to die!”

Inside the Academy, Zoe is insistent that they all move away from the windows and hide in Spaulding’s room (The attic). Delphine tries to go out to her daughters but Zoe stops her. Spaulding finally arrives and is against them going into his room. In a shrill voice, Zoe demands they find any room upstairs to hide in. Nan runs outside in an attempt to save Luke and half drags him into a nearby car.

At the terribly lit hospital (Seriously, I do not know how this hospital is still running. The lights keep flickering and it seems extremely neglected!), Cordelia is in her room asleep with Fiona at her side. Fiona reaches for her pills only to discover the bottle to be empty. In desperate need of a pill, she ventures through the eerily empty hospital and into the candy shop medicine room. Where she goes through the medicine and takes what she wants. Once more she practices her favorite act of chasing a pill with alcohol (Once more, never EVER do this!). In a completely drowsy state, she stumbles through the halls towards Cordelia’s room. It’s Asylum all over again with the creepy residents lingering in the hall. She sees the mysterious hooded figure again but does not follow it. Instead, she takes a trip to a random room where a young mother is weeping over her stillborn daughter. After convincing the mother to hold her baby and to say sweet loving words to her baby girl, she brings life to the baby. The mother is joyous and Fiona wanders out of the room.


“Which way to AHS: Coven?”

Nan and Luke are completely surrounded. The zombies are now breaking into the car. Zoe distracts them by pounding pans together. She gets their attention and they start chasing after her. She runs into a shed and locks herself in.

Inside the Academy, Delphine orders Spaulding to watch over Queenie while she goes to fetch some ice, possibly a Coke, for Queenie. In the kitchen, she hears a sound from outside and looks out the window. Borquita in there. Delphine opens the door and lets her in. She dries and attempts to make a connection with her (Always works, trust me.). Borquita responds by grabbing her by the neck and lifting her off the ground (…nevermind…).

Zoe finds a weapon in the shed.

Spaulding is looking after Queenie when she asks him to check on Delphine. He is attacked by Borquita who then goes on to try and attack Queenie. Using her Voodoo magic, Queenie finds scissors and stabs herself in the shoulder. Borquita jerks back but is unaffected. Queenie then breaks a mirror and slashes her throat only to also have no effect on the zombie (Zombie’s throat opens up but she’s still very much alive…undead? Well, active.). Delphine then appears and stabs her through the chest with a poker which ultimately kills the zombie (And it makes no sense at all. I’m sure it takes more than a stab to kill a Voodoo Zombie). Delphine laments over her daughter and Queenie comforts her (Way to care about Spaulding!).

Luke and Nan leave that car to try and make a run for the mansion. Luke is too weak and falls. Zoe rescues them from the approaching zombies by using a chainsaw and going Evil Dead (The reboot) on the heard of zombies. In a quick montage, she slashes through them all. Except for one of course. As the burly zombie approaches, she intelligently revs up the chainsaw only for it to cease operating. She is unable to start it up again and trips while stumbling backwards. Suddenly, she raises her hand and says an incantation causing both Marie and the zombie to drop amidst their actions. Marie is sat up by Chantal and says that there is some real power in the witch house now (paraphrasing). Zoe is left speechless.


‘Expecto patronum!”

Hank finally arrives at the hospital and immediately has a confrontation with Fiona. After a few strong comments and accusations are thrown around, a nurse appears and demands that one of them leave before she calls for security. Fiona decides to give him 15 minutes with Cordelia and wants him to leave when they are up. He goes to Cordelia’s side and holds her hand. She opens her eyes and experiences a sort of vision of his encounter with Kaylee (The sexy part not the killing part).

Everything is once more back in order at Miss Robichaux’s Academy. Zoe and Nan are burning the remains of the Voodoo Zombies with Fiona supervising. Fiona decrees that Luke can stay until he heals and thanks Zoe for the service she provided for the Coven. The girls head in and Delphine steps out to join Fiona. They gaze at the burning corpses while Delphine attempts to bond with Fiona over the unfortunate events that have transpired to their daughters. Fiona turns her down and sees the Council arrive at the main gate.

The Council is holding a sort of trial against Fiona. They accuse her of neglect, disregard of the well-being of the Coven, and irresponsibility that has caused all the terrible events that have happened. Including the disappearance of Madison, the attacks from outside forces, and the attack on Cordelia. The Coven is to be taken over by the Council. Angered, Fiona accuses Myrtle of jealousy and want to take the Coven away from her. She also claims that the enemy is not an outside force, but someone from within the Coven. Myrtle denies anything and suggests that Fiona is simply grasping. Fiona forces her to sit and listen to what she has to say.

-The Day Before, at the Hospital-

Fiona sees the hooded figure and follows it to the elevator. Through a convenient mirror, we see that the hooded figure is Myrtle.

-Present Day, at the Academy-

Myrtle claims is all to be a lie. That she would never attack Cordelia because she loves her as though she were her own daughter. Fiona retorts that Myrtle latched on to her daughter because she never had any children of her own. Myrtle continues to defend herself and says that next she’ll be accused of Madison’s disappearance. To which Fiona states is possible since Myrtle was in New Orleans at the time. The other two Council members are surprised at the news. We are shown that Myrtle had a motel room under the name Jennifer Wooley. Spaulding is tracking her and shows Fiona the room where Myrtle has a collage of Fiona’s pictures, serial killer-style. Fiona shows the Council the picture she took with her phone of the collage. They accept it as proof and Myrtle continues to defend herself. Fiona then removes one of Myrtle’s gloves to reveal an acid burnt hand. The Council unanimously decide to sentence Myrtle to burn. Myrtle resigns and accepts the sentence.


Get your witch burning apparel!

With an odd choice of music and equally odd attire worn by all those present (above picture), everyone walks to Myrtle’s final resting place. She is tied by two men in suits onto a pole and is doused in gas. Fiona asks her for her final words. Myrtle says they’re all going to suffer under Fiona. Fiona then flicks her cigarette towards her and causes the fire to erupt. The girls are stunned.

Queenie visits Fiona and asks if he helped framed a guilty woman, or an innocent one. We see Queenie dip her hand in acid right as Fiona removes Myrtle’s glove. Fiona simply says no one is innocent. Queenie is feeling incredibly guilty and is unsure whether to continue with the Coven or not. Fiona convinces her that she is sensing great change and power in Queenie and has the potential of becoming a Supreme. Queenie is convinced at the idea of becoming a Supreme and decides to stay.

Spaulding is once more enjoying a tea party and is trying VERY hard to get rid of the smell that Madison’s decomposing body is giving off. He tries to pull her out of the chest he keeps her in but succeeds in tearing her arm off instead.

Misty Day finds Myrtle’s burnt corpse and revives her.


“I missed it again?!”

Total death count: Mane Voodoo Zombies, 2 (Zombie guys), and -2(Myrtle Snow, stillborn baby).

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Voodoo Zombies, Witchcraft, and Voodoo are the main mix of this episode topped with a good old fashioned witch burning!

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