The Blacklist Series Review: Episode 5 The Courier


This weeks episode of the Blacklist was bit underwhelming compared to last weeks episode. Despite the fact that last weeks episode did such a good job with setting this episode up. However it is far to say that although this episode was not as good as last week’s episode. It does continue to set things up to a major restitution. Which looks like if finally going to take place next week. But to up into this point I am starting to believe that the Blacklist members themselves are not really all that important. I believe they are simply instrument used in order to strengthen the trust relationship between Elizabeth in Raymond as the end of this episode clearly showed.

The episode starts with Elizabeth having a nightmare about what could happen if her husband discovers that she knows his secret. When she wakes up her husband Tom tell her that it is almost time for them to go on their little vacation. The next scene shows a man named Seth being kidnapped by the next member of the Blacklist. Who is man in a creepy-looking in a mask. The masked man is videotaping Seth and  gives Seth an oxygen tank and a breathing mask and then buries Seth underground in a small box.Back at the FBI, Elizabeth and Agent Ressler have a little bit of an argument about how things have been playing out lately.  Raymond contacts Elizabeth and tells her about The Courier, who is as Raymond describes “The perfect middleman for the criminal world.” Raymond claims that The Courier plans to deliver something worth a lot of money to an Iranian spy named Hamid.Who plans to meet him at a food market within a few hours.NUP_158243_0029 The blacklist the courier spader boone klattenhoff

The FBI head over to the food market and quickly identify Hamid who is seen interacting with The Courier who suspects something is wrong and kills Hamid. The Courier then begins to flee in a car. However Elizabeth and Agent Malik manage to chase him down and quickly arrest him. The FBI begin to question him but he refuses to talk. They then discover that not only has The Courier implanted a series of items within his own body. But that he suffers from a rare condition that prevents him from feeling any pain. On of the items that the FBI is able to extract from The Couriers Body is a small memory card with a video of Seth. The FBI finds out that Seth is one of the top analysts at the NSA. Elizabeth confronts Raymond asking him to tell her everything he knows on the situation. Raymond only agrees after Elizabeth tells Raymond everything she knows about Tom.

Afterwords the FBI discover the safe house that The Courier was using and discover a number of pictures. Back at FBI headquarters Elizabeth attempts to get inside The Courier’s head by talking to him about his little brother, Samuel who is currently serving time in a federal prison. After words the The Courier is then sent to a hospital in order to remove all the extra items out of his body.The FBI manages identify the woman who gave Seth to The Courier. She’s a French criminal that Raymond knows. They want to try to trick her into revealing where she dropped Seth off so they can try to backtrack where The Courier may have taken him.Tom suddenly calls Liz at work and  says she needs to come home right away, it’s really important. She says she can’t leave now but they will talk later. We then see that Tom has discovered that his fake passports, money, and gun have been removed from his hiding place under the floor. This scene is very small and short but will play an important part in the end.

NUP_158243_010  8  The blacklist the courier spader boone klattenhoffAgent Ressler heads off  pretending to be The Courier to retrieve the information they need from the Frenchwoman. However he makes a simple mistake playing his part and is quickly found out. Ressler flees and the FBI moves in and arrests the Frenchwoman. The Courier is on his way to the hospital but manages to escape by pulling out a small blade from within his skin.Raymond then convinces the FBI to release the French woman so he can retrieve the information from her himself. Raymond goes to see her and after a small conversation convinces her to give her the information they need to find Seth. Meanwhile, the FBI manage to track-down The Courier down and after a small fire fight The Courier is shot and killed.
Elizabeth and Raymond use  the info they learned from the French woman to figure out where Seth located. With very little time to spare the two manage to find Seth and rescue him. Seth gives his gratitude to the two of them. Back at FBI headquarters a package is delivered to Elizabeth from Raymond. It is the file on the  the Angel Station hotel case file that she tried to retrieve. The file contains a picture and within the picture Elizabeth recognizes that her husband, Tom was there. We find out that Red used his connection with Seth to get the file for Liz. Afterward Elizabeth arrives at Raymond apartment crying a little bit and says “I don’t know why I came here”. Elizabeth finally heads home and Tom is there waiting for her. He pulls out the box containing the money, passports, and guns.

This episode had a great cliffhanger, in my opinion is has been the best one of the series so far. One thing that this episode didn’t do and I’m glad for was not bringing forth any vibes that Raymond could be Elizabeth’s father. I think its safe to say that the writers have written that off. However I could be wrong since this entire series since the beginning has been about misdirection and twists. Its was also nice to see Agent Ressler step up for a second episode in a row. Behind Raymond and Elizabeth he is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the show. I hope they continue to give him more time to take the spotlight. However in a whole this episode does take a back seat from last week but I still believe this episode would stand in the better half of the series. Although I may not remember the blacklist member in this episode in a few week I will remember a lot what did happen in this episode. But from own personal interest in this story line things are about to get SERIOUS.

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Bottom Line

Although this episode did suffer from a number of elements that hold it back from being a great episode for the series. It does do a great job of setting things up to what could be one of the best episodes of the entire series. If you haven't started watching this series by now then you are not a fan of great Television.

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