The Blacklist TV Series Review: Episode 4 “The Stewmaker”


The Blacklist has really but a very impression run since it began 4 weeks ago. Becoming one my new favorite shows to watch every week. James Spaders performance as Raymond continues to impress me. Although I do believe that last week’s episode was a bit lack luster and underwhelming. I’m happy to say that someone was listening and has made up for it in a serious way this episode. This episode not only was a step up in from last but perhaps was the best episode of The Blacklist so far.The Blacklist - Season 1
The episode begins with a man checking into a hotel. He wants a ground floor room. He has a cute dog who sits on the bed in his hotel room. The man removes makeup, costume teeth, and a wig to completely change his appearance. He then scrubs the room of any fibers that might be traced to him and even puts plastic all over the room. At the FBI, Elizabeth is trying to find out about her husband’s gun. She tries to looks inside a file titled “Angel Station,” but has to sneak away when she is discovered. Afterwards Elizabeth has planned to testify in a case against a drug dealer named Hector Lorca that same day. Agent Ressler is told to go to the courthouse and keep an eye on Elizabeth. Before Elizabeth can head off to court, she gets a message that Raymond wants to talk to her. Raymond tells her things may not go as planned during her court case. Giving her a warning that something may happen.
At the case against Lorca, a man is testifying when one of the jurors seems to have a heart attack. The key witness is transfer from the courtroom. Once he is alone, he is kidnapped by Lorca’s henchmen. Elizabeth and Ressler find out that the juror was poisoned. They race back where the witness was being held but the man is gone. Elizabeth contacts Raymond and wants to know what happened to her witness. Raymond says he does not know and but if she hasn’t found the witness body by now she never will. Back in the man’s hotel room, the dead witness is placed in a bathtub and then the guy begins pouring chemicals in the tub to dissolve the body. The FBI has discovered the hotel room where the dead witness was taken. Raymond calls Elizabeth and informs her that he knows what is going on and says, “The Stewmaker is in town.”
The FBI tries to convince Lorca to give up info about The Stewmaker. As Elizabeth and the FBI are attempting to move Lorca, some of his men attack and blow up the transport helicopter. They kill a number of FBI agents and capture Elizabeth and retrieve Lorca. Raymond and Ressler go to meet Lorca for a deal. As they walk in and Raymond reveals Ressler as an agent of the FBI. Lorca’s men pull guns and knives and seem ready to kill Ressler. But, before they can kill him, Ressler claims to be a dirty agent who provides Raymond with fake passports, IDs, and can help them get out of the country. Raymond and Lorca then begin to engage in a debate over the fate of Elizabeth. Lorca wants the Stewmaker to kill Elizabeth because she caught him. However Raymond convinces Lorca that they need to save Elizabeth to make Ressler look good. Lorca gives them enough info to help them find Elizabeth and the Stewmaker. The

627FBI manages to find a lead on how to find Liz while Red uses his own resources to find her location.
Liz is tied to a chair and starts a conversation with The Stewmaker, trying to talk him down. After she manages to escape for a short time Raymond shows up and saves Liz. After having a small conversation Raymond pushes The Stewmaker into his own chemicals killing him. The FBI arrive shortly afterwards and take Liz home. That night, Tom surprises Liz with a weekend vacation. They are going on a trip to Boston to stay at the same place they had a wonderful weekend. The hotel they are staying at a hotel called Angel Station.
This was a great episode we had this week. What I enjoyed the most was the fact that it didn’t focus on the main vibe that has been driving this series up to this point. This episode we really got to see just how ruthless Raymond can be. The Stewmaker has become my favorite member of The Blacklist so far. Simple because during the conversation he has with Elizabeth he is convinced that his is doing the right thing by “transferring energy faster than nature can” as he puts it. Along with seeing a preview for next week’s episode. It appears that we are about to reach a serious moment with Elizabeth about what she will do with her husband’s secrets. If this week’s episode could boost my expectations about what this show is could create. I’m even more pumped up for next week’s episode.

Bottom Line

This has been the best episode of the series up to this point. With little hints of what may take place in the next episode. The series continues to impress me in a whole this is great crime drama at it finest.

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