Breadwinners : “Thug Loaf” / “Mine All Mine” Premiere Review


From the creators Steve Borst (Teen Titans Go!, MAD) and Gary Di Raffaele (MAD, Metalocalypse) comes a brand new series by the name of Breadwinners from Nickelodeon. It’s about two booty-shaking ducks that operate a bread delivery service out their amazing, jet-fueled Rocket Van.

These two ducks go by the name of SwaySway and Buhdeuce. SwaySway is the leader of the party-punching pack; he is upbeat and never gives up. He comes from a long rich line of Breadwinners, and is proud to carry the family tradition of getting bread to your place. Buhdeuce. Is the loyal booty-shaking co- pilot who just wants to be the best Breadwinner he can be. Buhdeuce has a lot of heart but not a lot of experience; luckily he has his best bud SwaySway to show him the ropes.

So do these two best buds deliver in their first two episodes of  “Thug Loaf” and “Mine All Mine?” To give you a quick answer, Yes! Although, the first episode of “Thug Loaf” was a little bit shaky (like any other pilot in television series), it was really the second episode of “Mine All Mine” that won me over.

Here are the descriptions of the episodes:

“Thug Loaf”

When SwaySway and Buhdeuce have to deliver bread to the bad part of Duck Town, the Lower Yeast Side, they accidentally lock their keys in the Rocket Van and have to befriend a gang of Biker Ducks for help.

“Mine All Mine”

When SwaySway and Buhdeuce get lost in the bread mines, they meet the Bread Maker, who gives them a magic toaster and points them to the path home. But on their way, they drop the toaster into a lava river and have to battle a Lava Mole to get it back.

Both of these episodes were quite enjoyable.  Yes, the first episode was shaky because I was not sure what to expect. But after Buhdeuce yelled out “Ninja roll! Cartwheel! Somersault! Flip!”  I just couldn’t stop laughing at how random these two characters were.  That is one of the many positives within the first two episodes of Breadwinners. The chemistry in both SwaySway and Buhdeuce really goes hand-to-hand. It reminds you of your best friend and all the silly random stuff that you do with him/her. I’m not quite sure if booty shaking is one of them, but for sure having a positive mindset and attitude is. You see, SwaySway and Buhdeuce have their very own chant, which myself included can get out of my head.

The pace of both of these episodes, were very well done. Both were about 15 minutes and felt like it wasn’t rushed or was pushy. Luckily, we got two back-to-back episodes which can satisfied any viewer. The art on the other hand, was something I wasn’t inspecting. Due to the fact that it was more about cut out layout mixed with your classical art cartoon. Which can work, but it just has to grow on me first.  I’m just really glad that is not CGI art.

Both these episodes have great morals, either if it is to be more prepared for and accept your battles or even just simply listen to instructions from the Bread Maker.  Which by the way, the Bread Maker is awesome. And I hope this is not the last time we see him.There were many favorite moments, and if I have to pick two.  It will be, the Bread Makers fight (best part of “Mine All Mine”) and the introduction of SwaySway and Buhdeuce chant (best part of “Thug Loaf”)… “No Matter The Challenge, No Matter What, We Always Deliver AND NEVER GIVE UP!”Hopefully they can make a shirt out of it, because I would totally rock it.

Breadwinners is a series that I can recommend any age group to enjoy, is not groundbreaking but is definitely a series that will be here for a while if it continues with the same format.

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Breadwinners is a series that I can recommend any age group to enjoy, is not groundbreaking but is definitely a series that will be here for a while if it continues with the same format.

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