Breaking Bad “Felina” Series Finale Review/Recap


Now this is how a show should end,coming full circle not leaving a bad taste in your mouth when the final credits end. To bad we can’t say the same with another show that ended last week.One thing fans of Breaking Bad can agree on is that this show has some of the best writing on TV today. From progression of certain characters to the progression to the overall story Breaking Bad is one of the shows that does it best.And Breaking Bad is a show that we can all agree that pulls no punches when it comes to story telling. And as a fan of the show I could not wait to see how this show would end.breaking-bad-felina-2

As I mention earlier Breaking Bad is known for it’s writing of well written out characters especially of its main character Heisenberg played by the talented Bryan Cranston. After last week’s episode we as fans didn’t really know what was on his mind or what was his plan of attack.But in this final episode we now know it clearly. Watching this episode it seem to me that Walter was on a redeem tour of shorts mixing a little of Walter White and Heisenberg making it a very thin line of what personality we get from scene to scene. Walter’s first stop on his redeem tour is to his former business partners house,now at the end of the last episode Walter look like he was on war path against these two for saying he had nothing to do with Gray Matter. But after sneaking into their house Batman style we see why he was there in the first place, and even though his family doesn’t want to have anything to do with him he still wants to do right by them regardless. So he tells his former business partners to take the last of his money and give it to Walt Jr on his 18th birthday. When I saw this I’m saying to myself how can Walter be so sure that once he leaves that they wont call the cops on him or give his money to Walt Jr in the first place.Well like I always said Walter always thinks ten steps ahead, having what appears to be to snipers aim at them Walter tells them that if they have any doubt of not giving his money to Walt Jr then they would have these snipers be on them for the foreseeable future. Later we come to find out once he leaves that is wasn’t snipers it was skinny Pete and Badger using laser pointers the whole time,giving this episode a little comic relief and it is there Walter finds out that Jesse is still alive.

Next stop on the Walter/Heisenberg tour is Lydia which in all honesty she was good in last seasons episodes but this season she was lj-episode-8-skyler-walt-2-963471513576357465-654[1]kind of useless and I was hoping that she get killed off, and I know that’s wrong for me to feel that way but I just do. So we see Walt enter in like Batman again sneaking in on Todd and Lydia’s meeting saying that he knows that Todd is running out product and that Lydia cant afford to lose business,so he tells them that he knows a way to make a product without the methylamine that the deal is that they give him a million dollars for his services,and which they agree to the deal.But Lydia asks Walter how did he know they would be here which Walter responds “Your a very schedule woman”. Which when he said that I didn’t think much of it but when she started to pour sugar in her tea it made me think of the risen that he took from his house in the flash forwards we seen all this season which prove to be true when we find out towards the end of this episode. Moving on the redeem tour Walter makes one last stop to Skyler and saying in so many words that he is sorry for what he’s done that he was selfish and that he like what he did, and at this moment it was clear that this was going to be Walter’s last ride asking to touch Holly and see Walt Jr one more time. This was one of the more emotional scenes in the episode showing that it would probably be the last time Walter will ever see his family again.

So this episode can’t end without Jesse and the Nazi uncles.Once Walt comes into meet with the uncles he accuses the uncles of being partners with Jesse and to prove it the uncles bring Jesse in the room  to prove that there are not partners. So Walt tackles Jesse to the ground and while using his car keys opens gun fire killing all the Nazis except for Todd and and the uncle that killed Hank. And once I breaking-bad-season-5-616x316[1]saw Todd was still alive I said this is the perfect time for Jesse to kill Todd at which point he does while Walter kills the uncle that kill Hank and I’m glad for Jesse, he needed it because he has been put thorough a lot this whole entire season especially with Todd so i’m happy he got his bright spot. So after both Jesse and Walter killed  some of the people that gave them some of the most hurt they look at each other giving each other respect and a truths, Jesse rides off while Walter who’s has been shot goes off to one of the Nazi labs to do die.

This has been one wide ride, as fans of the show we’ve routed for Walt and we’ve routed for Jesse but now as fans is time to route for the show that gave us a great story for last 6 to 7 years with excellent writing and memorable characters by the actors that played them. So is Breaking Bad the best show ever made? that answer will change from person to person but for now lets just live in the moment and enjoy this great conclusion to a great series.




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This is a series finale that did not disappoint.

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