The Crazy Ones “Pilot” Review


The Crazy Ones shows that we don’t need silly stories and a laugh track to make a comedy worth watching.

This year in television we are seeing stars that are considered TV royalty make their way back to TV. With Michael J. Fox, Tony Shalhoub and Sean Hayes all making their return to television on other networks it’s no surprise that CBS the most popular of the TV networks decided to make a call and bring back not one but two former TV stars in Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Yes you read that correctly the Mork & Mindy star is back on Television and he is teaming up with Buffy the vampire slayer.TheCrazyOnes_092513_1600

Now at first glance it may seem that this is an odd couple to pair together because one was considered an action star during her time on TV and the other is one of the best comedic actors in TV history. Well I’m here to tell you that for some odd reason “The Crazy Ones” works on almost every level.

The show follows a father-daughter team running a Chicago ad agency. The father Simon Roberts (Williams) is a recently divorced Executive at a Chicago advertising agency. He is considered a wild card that is always taking chances, risking everything and has never fully grown up. He is also a genius who can think of ideas on the fly and make things happen when his back is against the wall. Simon’s daughter Sydney (Gellar) is the complete and total opposite of her father she is uptight, wound up and feels that there is a right way to handle every situation.The-Crazy-Ones-1x01-Pilot-2

They rarely see eye to eye and from what the pilot has shown will be bumping heads in future episodes. In the pilot episode we see the ad agency on the verge of losing their biggest client McDonalds and the agency is scrambling to find a pitch to make as a last attempt to please there client.  The pilot episode also stared Kelly Clarkson as a Kelly Clarkson looking to change her image and sing more about sex.

The show is the only comedy on CBS that is single camera sitcom and does not have a laugh track; this shows that CBS is not afraid to take some chances once in a while.  What really allowed this series to shine were the casting choices Williams brings his humor, wit and charm to the show along with his phenomenal improvisational Skills. Geller also plays her character well she seems to have great chemistry with Williams and is very believable as his daughter. The rest of the cast seems like they will be very well used in the future episodes each one of their characters brings a fresh interesting dynamic to the show that plays well off of Geller and Williams.crazy

The show looks like it’s going to tell a heartwarming father/daughter story with some charm and humor. The production value of the show feels like something you would see in a big budget movie. I know many critics don’t bring up the production value but I felt the need to point out that the show never felt like it was being filmed on a closed sound stage. It always gave me the impression that this was a real Chicago agency building.

With everything I have said it is safe to say that “The Crazy Ones” is my favorite new comedy of the year and if it keeps up the great moments from the pilot I can see it becoming one of my favorite overall comedies on TV. If you’re a fan of Robin Williams this is a show where he is at his best, he seems to have a lot improvisations in his scenes and they all work well. The end of the episode shows a bit of a bloopers reel that had me laughing out loud to myself and that alone is worth a watch.