Doctor Who: Top Five Things We Want From The Next Doctor


At GeekedOutNation’s office we all sat down and thought about what are the top things we want from the next doctor ? We had such an long list that we all agree to make an top five list. And here it is! Here our top five things that we all agree as a team, that we want from the next Doctor. Enjoy !


Allons-y! is taken.  Fantastic! is taken and Geronimo! is also taken. All great catch phrases. So, now Peter Capaldi needs something just as equally cool.  We were thinking a long the lines of Trenzalore!   It be a great catch phrase. Or Gallifrey!  Something a long those lines.  We will just have to wait and see. And it feels like such a long wait.


We were wishing the next wardrobe to be something between the lines of the 8th or 9th Doctor. Something steam punk? Yea we know is out of style now, but we truly believe that Capaldi can pull it off and when he does it will be bloody fantastic!


Picture 6

Don’t get us wrong! Bowties are cool! But that a thing of the 11th doctor and the 3rd doctor if you count him.  Honestly, we think they should just eliminate all bowties and neckties from now on or just give it a break. Not to mention this is an older doctor. What would be sweet is to bring back the scarf look? Why not! Just not the 4th doctor’s scarf because the 4th doctor’s scarf is cool!

4) A TOP HAT ?:

There have been a lot of pictures of Capaldi with a top hat. And we have to say the look really does fit him, it can also go great with the steam punk look too. It’s nice and classy make it way more fashionable then an bowtie or fez.


Now, this is a very important item. The screwdriver should be much bigger (that what she said!); a tab bit bigger then the 11th screwdriver. And, why not a different color too. We were thinking the color purple. Something that will stand out with this doctor and really make it his own screwdriver. You never know it might become the first one that can get through wooden doors and have it’s own different sound. We don’t care what sound it makes, just something that stands out.


There can be so many other things we can want from the New Doctor, but one thing is for sure is these five won’t be bad to add to the series.  What your top five? Let us know in the comments below.

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