Japan’s latest TV Super Hero is a Fruit Ninja: Kamen Rider Gaim


So maybe not quite a Ninja… I wanted (and felt obliged) to make a Fruit Ninja pun! However the design as you can see is far more Samurai then Ninja! But the latest series of Kamen Rider has just started over in Japan and this year’s theme after last year’s magic based Kamen Rider Wizard is fruit!

I kid you not, in this show our heroes transform (or Henshin!) into armour forms based on fruit… with our main hero Giam’s main form being based on an Orange, but so far there’s been various other Riders with different fruit motifs. The power behind these transformations comes from magic locks that also summon monsters to battle in a similar way to Pokémon as rival groups fight each other as well as Riders which are all set up in the first episode to be at each other’s throats throughout the show.

So those of you who don’t know Kamen Rider it’s a series that like Power Rangers rebrands itself each year with a fresh cast and theme generally lasting around 50 episodes along with a movie or two mid-year. It makes it very open for new comers and by now has had enough series to be able to guarantee that there’s a series you’d be interested in, from detective noir, slap stick comedy and even the mostly despised anniversary cross over season Kamen Rider Decade.

It does make it hit or miss and unfortunate with only 2 episodes being shown so far it’s hard to gauge the overall quality of the show but based on the first episodes it feels very fresh (insert fruit based pun here). It’s colourful and a bit more light hearted so far, but this is still a children’s series despite worldwide adult audiences also watching where possible. But if you want a proper look at the show and its fruitiness check out my video on episodes 1 and 2 above where you’ll see many instances of cheap CG but tons of fun and imaginative vision on display!

Kamen Rider Gaim is here for the following year and if you want something a little fruity its right up your avenue, if not however I’d suggest doing a quick Wiki search to see if there is a series you might find yourself drawn into… I started myself with the Torchwood/X-files feeling Kamen Rider Kabuto and is my favourite to this day!

David Ryatta

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