Last Man Standing: “Spanking” Review


So when it comes to Last Man Standing I’m sure many viewers don’t really understand the reason for watching. The show is clichéd and lacks any kind of originality, but what the show does have is a feel of nostalgia. It reminds me of a time when I would come home to watch Home Improvement or Family Matters. They were shows that I grew up loving in the 90s that I have a warm spot in my heart for.

So when Tim Allen announced that he would be going back to television to bring us a show that resembled Home Improvement with a twist. I was extremely excited for the reason stated above. Now sure for some viewers the series has done nothing special and it is very predictable. But for me it is a show that I have to watch every week. If I’m in a bad mood or a good one watching Last Man Standing always seems to put a bigger smile on my face.

Last-Man-Standing-2-550x366Well now here we are season 3 episode 10 “Spanking” and I’m still enjoying my time with the show.  For those that don’t know this series is a very modern take on the shows I mentioned above.  Each episode is meant to deliver a life lesson. This episode like the title revolves around spanking your child.

The episode starts off as Kristin (Alexandra Krosney) and Ryan (Jordan Masterson) come home from a night out with Mike (Tim Allen) and Vanessa (Nancy Travis) to find out that Grandpa Bud Baxter (Robert Forster) has spanked their son.

This sparks a dilemma between the family about the morals of hitting your child and how it is never okay.  Kristin and Ryan believe in the method of giving rewards to their son in order for him to follow the rules, Mike believes in intimidation without actually hitting and his father believes that hitting is okay as long as you do it for the right reason but never cross the line.

Last-Man-Standing-23-550x366Overall this episode had some funny moments between Tim Allen and Robert Forster. Mike believes he was hit too much as a child to which his father makes fun of his sensitivity. We also had an interesting story arc between Mandy and Kyle and the fact that she wants to change Kyle so that women know he is taken.  The message was a bit heavy handed in this episode and there were some definite missed opportunities for genuine laughs, but all and all I enjoyed the episode “Spanking”.

What did you think of this episode of Last Man Standing? What are your thoughts on spanking your child?

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All and all I enjoyed the episode “Spanking”

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