The Mindy Project: “Christmas Party Sex Trap” Review


In this episode Mindy finds she is alone once again but this time during Christmas.  Only a few weeks after her engagement was called off and just a week after she attended her ex’s wedding (if we can call it that) she is again in search of her future husband.

The episode starts off as Mindy is attempting to buy a Christmas tree for the office. When she sees a tree she likes she attempts to buy it only to realize the price is outrageous and she settles for a smaller less luxurious tree.

Upon arriving to the office she sees that the office already has a tree which they have decorated. To which Mindy yells “What the hell is that?” to which Peter quickly replies “How Hindu are you? It’s a Christmas tree”.TheMindyProject_MIN210_2500_1280x720_79540803851

Throughout the episode Mindy tries to set a trap to lure Cliff, the lawyer who works upstairs into her trap. She feels as if she and Cliff are meant to be because he is having issues in his current relationship with Heather.

So her plan is to create the best Christmas party in the building and assure that everyone comes. The practice does not seem all too thrilled with the idea of having the entire building attend a party on their floor. So as the party is being planned some of the other partners put in some requirements for the party. Peter says it has to be alcohol free since he is trying to fight the temptation and remain sober. Now Jeremy on the other hand is just back from fat camp and needs the party to be gluten free. This leads to a sometimes comedic but short lived team-up between the two. Danny on the other hand is on to Mindy’s party idea and calls it a Christmas sex party trap to which he does not want to take any part in.

The episode as a whole worked for the most part because of the overall cast chemistry. We saw less of the side characters like Morgan and Tamara but we did have another small sign that Morgan is really in love with her. Introducing Maria Menounos as Brendan’s new girlfriend seemed a bit force and just felt like an attempt to create something for Peter to go after.

960Lastly the Danny, Mindy will-they-won’t-they story although it’s cute and something typically seen in romantic comedy movies, worked for me but I could see it as just another unnecessary step in the wrong direction. I like that Mindy is naïve to the whole thing and that Danny acts like a young teenager around her when it comes to expressing his feelings, but the ending for this episode just shows that the show is putting itself on rinse and repeat. I just feel that Mindy falling for another guy while Danny stands back and watches just felt like been there done that. It could be that I liking the characters made it so I enjoyed the Christmas episode but if we rank it among the rest of the episodes in the series it would just be one that is about average maybe a little more. The show goes on hiatus in a couple of weeks and I just hope that the fan base is strong enough to bring it back soon.

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It could be that I liking the characters made it so I enjoyed the Christmas episode

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